09 May 2018

Impressive Establishment Treason

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That’s Narges Bajoghli on the right.

This Foreign Policy editorial, written by Narges Bajoghli, an Iranian film-maker, obviously hostile to the United States and proud of the seizure of the US Embassy and the taking of US diplomats as hostages, currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Watson Institute at Brown University, was actually reprinted by Business Insider.

Can you imagine an editorial denouncing the administration’s foreign policy adverse to Japan being editorialized against by some Japanese naval officer doing post-graduate work at Harvard in 1939, titled: “The Empire of the Rising Sun Will Never Trust America Again,” appearing in both Foreign Policy and Business Advisor?

We were naive to think the United States would keep its promises in a deal with us,” Hasan, a retired captain in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war — now a prominent film director — said last week from his office in a major regime production studio in central Tehran. “I thought enough time had passed since the revolution that we could potentially engage with America again,” he continued, before he let out a resigned sigh. …

Ghassem was one of the leading filmmakers for state television in the country. He had made numerous documentaries that investigated the role of the Reagan administration in supplying weapons to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein in his fight against the newly established Iranian government. …
“I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t foresee this coming,” Hasan told me this past weekend. “Ghassem was right, we shouldn’t have trusted the Americans.”

When I spoke with Ghassem, he did not boast that he had predicted the ill-fated trajectory of the deal. He wasn’t against Iran having good relations with any Western country, he had repeatedly told me during those debates in 2014. But he just did not think the United States would ever want anything but full capitulation from the Islamic Republic.

“What my friends didn’t see when they were rooting for the Iran deal,” he recently told me solemnly, “was that there’s a segment of the American political establishment that can never forgive us for kicking the United States out of Iran during the revolution in 1979. I mean, the United States was the shah’s biggest ally, and then we came to power and told them they couldn’t dictate how we governed anymore. And once we took their embassy and held their people hostage in 1980, that was a slap in their face. They can never forgive us for that. They want to see us broken at our knees, in complete surrender.”

“It doesn’t matter if there are people in both of our countries who want to turn a new page,” he continued. “The Obamas and Rouhanis of our countries are just one segment of the political establishment.”

Well, Narges, let me just advise you, that when a lame duck president ignores the US Constitution and makes an end-run around the Senate by making a treaty in the form of an executive order, hostile foreign adversaries of America ought to be aware that the next president may be of a different party and of a different mind and will be perfectly entitled to reverse his predecessor’s decision.

And, yes, personally, I do want to see the mullahs on their knees, in complete surrender, and you out of the United States.

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Iran doesn’t trust the US? We’re even.

Dick the Butcher

Every day, I am happier that I voted Trump.

The mullahs and idiots like the author no longer have Obama and his idiots covering for them.

More notes from the higher education apocalypse. What a freaking maroon!


Our leaders are terminally stupid. Sadly they hold the future of our country in their hands so our country is terminal as well. If you are younger than 60 you will probably see the fall of the U.S. I don’t imagine this could happen without a massive nuclear war but…BUT with terminally stupid leaders we could just give up…


Most Iranians I know hate what the mullahs have done to the country. They still love Iran, but not the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On the up side, I read that there are Iranian expats converting to Zoroastrianism. Maybe they all will.

Fred Z

I no longer read Business Insider. It is a lefty creature. Perhaps it always was, or perhaps it got enmoled by lefty scum as so often happens. Don’t care. Hate it.

Steve Gregg

My sister attended Iowa State. When Spring Semester of 1980 started, she found an Iranian student in one of her classes who was bragging that he was one of the student radicals guarding US embassy prisoners in Tehran during Christmas break. That, in a nutshell, illustrates the US-Iranian relationship.


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