12 Jun 2018

New Canaan Bans Real Estate For Sale Signs

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Hot Air catches the burghers of New Canaan in denial.

Here’s an odd little story which is probably going to be cropping up more and more in blue states in the near future. The town of New Canaan, Connecticut is instituting a change this summer. Their Board of Realtors has passed a ban on “For Sale” signs placed in front of the properties where residents are selling their houses and moving away. Why is that? Well, if you ask the local government they’ll tell you that there’s simply no need for the signs anymore. Savvy shoppers are looking for houses online and besides… those signs are an eyesore anyway. …

So the official line here is that online browsing has made the signs redundant and people don’t like the look of them. But how much of that is true? I know from personal experience that shopping for a house may certainly include doing some online browsing, but that doesn’t give you a full picture or inform you about the real feel of the house and the neighborhood. Driving around and scouting nice neighborhoods looking for For Sale signs is part of the process for most people. So what’s the real reason that New Canaan doesn’t want all of those For Sale signs lining the streets?

One hint can be found in the comments from local resident Shawn Gardner who said, “The amount of them is giving buyers an idea that this entire town is for sale.”

That seems to be the dirty little secret here. They don’t want people to know how many people are fleeing high tax areas like Connecticut.


We got out of far less expensive and fashionable Newtown around 2000. Our real estate taxes which were $2000-per-annum when we moved in had risen to $10,000-per-annum, and Lowell Weicker’s state income tax had ruined the business environment. My wife and I had wound up commuting an exhausting one hour and 45 minutes each way to Manhattan.

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bob sykes

Wise up. Move to a midwestern mid-sized city. Columbus, Ohio, is actually a large city (1.5 M SMSA), but taxes, housing, food, clothing, medical costs are all low, much lower than CT. And you don’t have the smarmy, hypocritical, dictatorial SJW’s running your life. You can even buy and own an AR 15 if you want. My relatives in NH don’t realize how bad they have it.

And most of these old midwest cities are financial centers and research hubs. Pittsburgh is a good example.

OK, so you don’t have lovely 200 yo Cape Cod cottages etc, but there are plenty of nice Victorian neighborhoods where you can actually afford a house.

And you can still be a fan of the Celtics, Knicks, Giants, Pats, Red Sox, Yankees… Columbus is mostly immigrants from less fortunate parts of the US, like Connecticut, and there are many loyalities here that coexist.

But don’t root for Michigan.


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