22 Jun 2018

Exeter Prof: “Mathematics to Blame for Global Disparities in Wealth”

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Campus Reform shares the latest breakthrough in thought from today’s Academy.

In a chapter for a new textbook, University of Exeter professor Paul Ernest warns that mathematics education can cause “collateral damage” to society by training students in “ethics-free thought.”

He even argues that since money involves mathematics, math is “implicated in the global disparities of wealth” because math students are taught to value “detached” and “calculative” reasoning.


3 Feedbacks on "Exeter Prof: “Mathematics to Blame for Global Disparities in Wealth”"

Seattle Sam

He makes one valid, but obvious point. Those who can’t calculate expected returns are going to buy more lottery tickets than those who can, and they will end up with less wealth.

Who encourages them to buy more tickets and reduce their wealth? Oh, that’s right. Government. Which would appear to have a vested interest in creating a more “math challenged” citizenry to fleece.

Soren K

No more math!

Feel the Bern. (Cause knowing math is a Bern antidote.)

Dick Jonas

This fuckhead implies that mathematics is a sentient being with a moral sense. How stupid is that? And how did he ever get to be a college professor? My degree is a BS in Physics and Math (double major). Wonder what his is in.


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