27 Jun 2018

Full Weimar

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Street fighting between communists and Nazis, 1933.

Dan Greenfield argues that what we’re seeing these days is the Left going Full Weimar.

A vocal rejection of civility is of course a call to violence. The slippery slope gets greased. And then it’s a small matter to go from harassment to assault. That’s what the left wants.

Some conservative commentators are saying that the left hasn’t thought this through. Sure they have. The grad student working on some bottom rung of the D.C. career ladder before getting bombed and joining some anarchist protest may not have thought it out, but the guys and girls pushing the buttons have.

What they want is to wreck America, go full Weimar, move to street violence, and then, by persuasion or force, impose their own system to deal with the emergency. What better way to trash most of the forms of government, the Constitution, checks and balances, than by burning everything down.

The excuses, border separation, police shootings, etc are just excuses for that endgame. They’re propaganda to achieve an end.

We got here because all the brakes came off the left’s train. It beat its liberal opponents. And now it’s going to scream endlessly that everyone on the right is a Nazi because that justifies its intended violence. And that violence is intended to further radicalize everyone to the left.

Civility? Please.

The whole purpose is an overthrow of the existing order in the name of a political emergency. It’s what every totalitarian system does. Set off violence, then seize power.


The catch is: “People keep talking about a civil war. One side has 8 trillion bullets. The other side can’t figure out which bathroom to use.”

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Dick teh Butcher

Sounds good! It’s way past peaceful resolution.

It won’t be fought in the streets or in day light: no witness no evidence. We will know what to do if Trump loses in 2020.

Sudden death is preferable to malignant melanoma.

JK Brown

I’m wondering where we are at on this path followed a century ago and whether this time, ideas (classical liberalism ideas) can prevail and avoid the rise of the opposing power faction.

“Only when the Marxist Social Democrats had gained the upper hand and taken power in the belief that the age of liberalism and capitalism had passed forever did the last concessions disappear that it had still been thought necessary to make to the liberal ideology. The parties of the Third International consider any means as permissible if it seems to give promise of helping them in their struggle to achieve their ends. Whoever does not unconditionally acknowledge all their teachings as the only correct ones and stand by them through thick and thin has, in their opinion, incurred the penalty of death; and they do not hesitate to exterminate him and his whole family, infants included, whenever and wherever it is physically possible.

“The frank espousal of a policy of annihilating opponents and the murders committed in the pursuance of it have given rise to an opposition movement. All at once the scales fell from the eyes of the non-Communist enemies of liberalism. Until then they had believed that even in a struggle against a hateful opponent one still had to respect certain liberal principles. They had had, even though reluctantly, to exclude murder and assassination from the list of measures to be resorted to in political struggles. They had had to resign themselves to many limitations in persecuting the opposition press and in suppressing the spoken word. Now, all at once, they saw that opponents had risen up who gave no heed to such considerations and for whom any means was good enough to defeat an adversary. The militaristic and nationalistic enemies of the Third International felt themselves cheated by liberalism. Liberalism, they thought, stayed their hand when they desired to strike a blow against the revolutionary parties while it was still possible to do so. If liberalism had not hindered them, they would, so they believe, have bloodily nipped the revolutionary movements in the bud. Revolutionary ideas had been able to take root and flourish only because of the tolerance they had been accorded by their opponents, whose will power had been enfeebled by a regard for liberal principles that, as events subsequently proved, was overscrupulous. If the idea had occurred to them years ago that it is permissible to crush ruthlessly every revolutionary movement, the victories that the Third International has won since 1917 would never have been possible. For the militarists and nationalists believe that when it comes to shooting and fighting, they themselves are the most accurate marksmen and the most adroit fighters.

“The fundamental idea of these movements— which, from the name of the most grandiose and tightly disciplined among them, the Italian, may, in general, be designated as Fascist— consists in the proposal to make use of the same unscrupulous methods in the struggle against the Third International as the latter employs against its opponents.”

Mises, Ludwig von. Liberalism (1927)


There will be no violent revolution. From my experience infiltrating lefty marches, liberals only want to fight when they have the advantage. When they lose the disadvantage, they flee like rabbits.

Simply put, lefties are pussies. They perpetrate all this violence because the cops let them. The minute you start arresting them and slamming the jail door shut on them, they will fold like a wet newspaper. Should they attack conservatives with guns, the first dead lefty will send them home in terror.

These violent lefties are kids living at home with their parents. They have not accomplished anything in their lives, like even getting a job. Any serious shock will shatter them.


They went the full Weimar. You never go the full Weimar.

Seattle Sam

The left has failed to gain any significant acceptance with the general public. They have few seats in government. They have created the illusion of power only because they first took over the media and the academic community which incessantly tells us they are “on the right side of history”.


I agree with the comments here – but it’s worth recalling that Hitler looked like a loser until the early 30’s. Don’t discount people who are determined.

And Dan Greenfield is right – the ‘Left’ is pulling the same tricks that it did at the time of the Weimar Republic. The parallels are important.


Take Care.

The Lefties at the top read the “real” histories too. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt hadn’t counted on the Army knowing the history of Germany which was the guide book for the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood died under the treads of the tanks and bulldozers.

The enemy always gets a vote and they are typically not as stupid as their street shock troops. Take care.


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