29 Jun 2018

There Are Things to Like About Vladimir Putin

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He stood in the rain for wreath-laying ceremonies on the Russian Day of Memory commemorating the start of WWII, and when questioned by the Press, responded:

“I didn’t even think of getting under an umbrella as the wreath was being laid,” Putin said, adding, that Russian soldiers fought day and night in any weather during the World War II. “People lived there and died there. That’s such a horrible situation.”

“It’s not that I had thought of something or not, or had made a decision. It didn’t cross my mind that I should’ve acted differently. I think it’s normal. We aren’t made of sugar, we won’t melt.”

Putin is 65 years old.

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I don’t know whether or not Putin staged this, but I also don’t care. What he said resonated with me. There are some things that you just don’t have to think about. You just do them. Those things are what show your character. And if you have to stop and think about doing something noble or worthwhile, well, that shows your character as well.

bob sykes

Political leadership depends on emotions and symbols. Putin is a master of these. But I also think it works for him because he is sincere.

Frankly, I trust and respect Putin more than any American political except Trump.


Don’t get too carried away with Putin – he also laid a wreath on the grave of Andropov. Check out “Putin’s Kleptocracy” and “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible” to get a better handle on modern Russia.


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