03 Jul 2018

Think Twice About that Revolution, Commies

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Last Saturday, Eugene, Oregon Antifa members tried shutting down forcibly a permitted march by a right-wing group calling itself Patriot Prayer in downtown Portland. NPR story.

This Antifa member swung a weapon at one of the conservatives and got his clock cleaned.

Good punch.


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Antifa are pussy wannabe tough guys who are brave when they have the advantage but cowards when they don’t.

Once I was blogging an anti-war march during Bush’s time and asked a Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade speaker if he’d give me an interview. His buddy said I’d better leave before something bad happened to me. I looked him in the eye and told him to carry out his threat. He was stunned, like he got hit on the head with a board, and walked away.

That’s all you need to do to defeat these punks. In my experience in these demonstrations, they will attack you if they think you’re alone and they have the advantage. As soon as anyone, even a wimpy guys, intervenes, they flee like the cowardly thugs they are.

If you punch them out or lock them up, all their guts disappears.

Dick the Butchek

Seen on this blog, “Make the World a Better Place. Punch a Liberal in the Face.”

Four hundred million guns; eight trillions bullets, know how to use them vs. don’t know what bathroom to use.


With this picture, you made my day.


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