16 Oct 2018

14-Year-Old Girl Mocks Metrosexual-Firing-Gun Article

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Gersh Kuntzman, back in 2016, wrote:

What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying, menacing and very very loud.

It feels like a bazooka — and sounds like a cannon.

One day after 49 people were killed in the Orlando shooting, I traveled to Philadelphia to better understand the firepower of military-style assault weapons and, hopefully, explain their appeal to gun lovers.

But mostly, I was just terrified. …

I’ve shot pistols before, but never something like an AR-15. Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening (even with ear protection).

The recoil bruised my shoulder. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary case of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable.

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Paul doroghazi

The ignorance of the anti-gunners is scary. A slight rebuke to her father, always wear eye protection. I hopefully assume she had ear plugs.

Spurt Reynolds

Great video and congrats to her parents for raising her right!


They are loud. I have a 30% disability hearing problem from firing the M16. Interestingly the majority of the noise is from the action/gas piston and not the muzzle blast.

There is very little recoil to an AR15/M16. The easiest gun you will ever shoot.

Re: the firepower of military assault rifles. Most military and gun enthusiasts fault the M16 as being under powered. Don’t get me wrong it will kill the enemy but it doesn’t have the same ‘impact’ as a M1 Garand. The caliber is a compromise between effectiveness and the ability of the infantryman to carry more ammo.

There is no sulfur smell in modern smokeless powder.


Dear Metrosexual,

I have a Mosin-Nagant you might like to try.



Good call on the Mosin-Nagant! Years ago (and for no good reason) I sporterized a basket case M44 for elk hunting. While bedding the stock and tuning a handload, I ran countless rounds through the beast. I finally decided the M44’s best hunting strategy is to give every elk in the vicinity a heart attack from the report and muzzleflash.

Compared to that, .223 is a kitten’s purr. Sadly, I didn’t shit my pants or get PTSD so I’m not qualified to be a journalist.


P.S. Ya get what ya’ pay for. The first shot was always promising but POA would wander for subsequent rounds. So much for my $40 “experiment”. I still fire it for fun whenever I want to shake the ground at the range. :-)


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