16 Oct 2018

Question For NYM Readers

One regular readers is reporting that NYM is loading slowly for him on certain browser. “it seemingly NEVER loads on Safari, and takes forever on Chrome, but it’s speedy with Firefox.”

Is anybody else experiencing this problem?

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Use Chrome . No issues .

steve walsh

On Chrome on my home desktop has been loading slowly for a week or two.


Usually access using Android phone with Chrome. Has been exceeding slow to load the last couple weeks but is ok after it does.
Tried it with Brave which I recently installed. Handshake took a few seconds but loaded quickly. Never had an issue with Firefox on laptop.


It is just fine on Firefox but videos linked from facebook don’t even show on the page.

Soren K

Chrome… about two weeks ago it started to go very slow. Takes about 30 seconds to open the home page. Clicking here just now to comment also took another 30 seconds.

But like the old catsup commercial… anticipation was worth it.

And I prefer the spelling that doesn’t remind me of any democrat politicians who married money.

Gerard vanderleun

Loads like ye olde greased lightning.


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