31 Oct 2018

Taki’s Anti-NYC Rant

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Taki is just a trifle negative about today’s New York.

NEW YORK—In the dark she still looks good. The mystery and magnetism linger until dawn, and then you slowly see the lines and the harshness. Like a lady of the night who has smoked 10,000 cigarettes, the coming of the light is the enemy. New York ain’t what she used to be, that’s for sure. She’s a tired old place, with the upper-class vertical living gone to seed, and the honky-tonk fun side of the city gentrified and made boring. Michael Bloomberg as mayor did his best to ruin the glamour of the city, allowing glass behemoths to make the Chrysler Building, one of the world’s monuments to architectural brilliance, be buried amidst glass monstrosities. Bloomberg was and is a lowlife who knows how to count to 50 billion but couldn’t tell you Admiral Nelson’s Christian name if his miserable life depended on it. The present mayor, de Blasio, is a lowlife wop without the billions.

What happens in the sky is felt in the streets below. The once-exclusive Vanderbilt Avenue, where stores sold expensive tennis gear and hunting shotguns, is now a dark and dreary place, and just as well. The Vanderbilt was the hotel where the swells met—under the clock—since before Fitzgerald’s time and long past Taki’s. It was gone with the wind when Bloomberg types descended on the city like the northern jackals who went down south.


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“lowlife wop” Without papers. So what was intended here, I actually don’t know. Was it an ethnic insult or was Taki implying that De Blasio entered the country illegally. Any idea?


Lowlife wop? PC tells me I should be offended. My heritage says I should be outraged. I say, LOL!


Mr. Wilhelm is a corrupt dingleberry, with or without papers.

bob sykes

Wop is an insult, and the historical origin of the word is irrelevant. Similarly for wog.

“when Bloomberg types” is, of course, a reference to Jew, and a pejorative one at that.


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