23 Nov 2018

When Someone Stupid Thinks He’s Really Really Smart


Barack Obama condescended to America and to every public figure he’s ever met at an Obama Foundation conference last Monday. He was relaxed, expansive, necktie-less, and –as usual– perfectly sure that he’s the smartest man in the world.

I’m not alone in finding Obama unbearably arrogant, John Hinderaker does, too.

This is the central conceit of liberalism: we know how to solve the world’s problems–socialism!–but those pesky conservatives just won’t go along and make it unanimous. The truth is the opposite: policy debates rage across a broad range of issues, and conservatives usually win them.

The context of former President Obama’s comments, “climate change,” is a good example. The liberal/hysteric global warming theory has been refuted, and global warming advocates now admit that their models–the only basis for hysteria in the first place–are wrong. But, like a dead frog whose legs continue to kick, clueless liberals like Barack Obama parrot the pro-government line, not because it makes any scientific sense, but because it supports their statist desires.

Which brings us to the rest of Obama’s riff: Americans are “confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.” This is more or less insane. What do hate and anger have to do with scientific debates about the influence of carbon dioxide on the earth’s atmosphere? Nothing, except that hate and anger are directed against all who publish scientific data that undercut the liberals’ politically-motivated narrative.

And racism? How does race have anything to do with global warming? It doesn’t. “Racism” is now an epithet that usually has nothing at all to do with race. It is merely a term of opprobrium, like “jerk” or “a**hole,” that liberals apply to those who disagree with them.

And, finally, “mommy issues.” I have no idea what Obama was referring to here. What do “mommy issues” have to do with global warming? News accounts indicate that his audience laughed, and reporters say he was referring to President Trump. I have no clue. My only observation is that liberal journalists constantly tell us that President Trump has debased our political culture. Seriously? The debasement, as I observe it, comes almost entirely from the other side.

Has President Trump ever ascribed his political opponents’ positions to “mommy issues”? Not that I recall. It is hard to imagine any former president employing such childish tropes in attacking his successors. Former Presidents Reagan and Bush–George H. W. and George W.–certainly never tried to demean their Democratic successors by asserting such stupid slanders as “mommy issues.” Not to mention racism, hate and anger.



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Dick the Butcher

Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” ceased being fiction in November 2008.

Fish don’t know they’re wet. Obama and his millions of worshippers/imbeciles don’t know they how close they are to peak stupid.

Seattle Sam

Imagine your doctor told you he could solve all your back problems because he’s one of the Smartest doctors in the world and has an MD from Yale to prove it. His specialty is something called Endo-Spinal Fusion. This technique has crippled everyone who’s tried it, but you should still trust your back to him because, after all, he’s the Smartest doctor in the world. Would you really? Okay, maybe if you were a Millennial and hadn’t bothered to research the surgical record. Sure, we should give it a try and find out for ourselves.


As I posted on Powerline, I cannot listen to this gasbag.

Spurt Reynolds

I can’t wait until Barry O retires to Hawaii and gets eaten by a shark while body surfing. Secret Service can’t protect him while he is splashing around like a little girl.

Shark week ratings would go through the roof.


BHO is quite possibly the most obnoxious example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect in action.

Seldom Seen

The first Kenyan Princess president.


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