15 Dec 2018

Last Time We Visited the Moon

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December 14, 1972: “We’re on our way, Houston!”

Apollo 17 astronauts Jack Schmitt and Gene Cernan lift off from the Moon to rendezvous with the orbiting command module and begin the journey home.

Just think, most living Americans were not even born the last time we set foot on the moon! Our national priorities for the past 46 years have been a disgrace.

The contemporary American Welfare State is about as useless and afflicted with Confucian stodginess as Ming China, whose admiral Zheng He made several voyages of exploration to Africa and the “Western Ocean” early in the 1400s, after which all such voyages were curtailed.

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We should have a lunar colony going by now. Humans need to depart for deep space before the Sun consumes the Earth in a few hundred billion years.


We traded the stars for the welfare state.


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