21 Dec 2018

Two Blonde Scandinavian Girls Murdered by Muslims in Morocco

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Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, were brutally murdered by Muslim fanatics while camping in the Atlas mountains.

Their killers posted a video of the decapitation of one of these young ladies on Facebook. (Take my word for it. You really do not want to see it. link) One girl had been slowly decapitated. The other only had her throat cut. It appears that they had previously been raped.

Dr. Bastiat, at Ricochet, marveled once again at the naive optimism of members of the Trans-Atlantic contemporary community of fashion.

Fox News has a story about two Scandinavian women in their mid 20s who went hiking in Morocco and were killed at their campsite. One was decapitated, one was nearly decapitated. I don’t understand stories like this. Have these young women never heard of Islam? Modern western societies are fanatics about safety, even putting bicycle helmets on their kids to ride around their own yard. But then they take insane risks because of … well, I’m not sure what.

I’m a fairly experienced traveler in somewhat risky places, but I would never consider taking risks like this. They go to a Muslim country, take pictures like the one above, and presume they will be safe. I just don’t understand why these women thought they could do this.

This was not a tragedy. This was murder. The real tragedy was that it is so predictable, so routine, that it wouldn’t even be a news story if they weren’t young and beautiful. I’m not being unsympathetic. Quite the opposite. But this rosy view of reality, despite all evidence to the contrary, is remarkable. And remarkably common. And remarkably dangerous.

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You are right I don’t want to see it. However I believe that not only should everyone in the West see it but it should be shown on TV as often as the beating of Rodney King was. We in the West are being lied to about the nature and culture of Muslims and we need to see this video every night in prime time. Our children need to see it and we all need to have nightmares from seeing it. Anything less is ignorance.

P.S. Post the link

JK Brown

This was not a tragedy. It was the odds.

Sometimes young women travel in areas will a good number of men who religiously believe raping and murdering non-Muslim women is acceptable and good without anything happening. Sometimes the young women cross paths with such men.


Sorry, Darwin will not be denied.

Schill McGuffin

Morlocks: 2, Eloi: 0

bob sykes

In a statistical sense, this was predictable. The women aggressively offended Muslim sensibilities, and the fanatics (really mainstream, orthodox) killed them.

I find I have no sympathy for them. In a sense, they got what they deserved. Darwin in action.


If they sawed off her head in the town square of Bergen at noon, it wouldn’t have an impact on their immigration policies.

They’re done as a country, as is their neighbor.

Christian Sweeny

Love is not always the answer, is it? Young women are not safe in Morocco, although they are not altogether safe in Scandinavia either. The Tourist industry in Morocco will suffer big-time. I hope the authorities burn the men who did this. This is a pure hate crime, the punishment must be serious enough to deter future repetitions. It must also reflect a sense of horror by the people of Morocco, to protect their reputations and honor. Their King must be absolutely mercilous with the three criminals, under the Sharia, a painful death and beheading.
…The status of the Muslims in Scandinavia will also suffer as the nationalist parties become furious and increase their votes in the elections.
…Hopefully some good will come from this.


Their teachers and families fed them too much Kumbaya and it was a fatal dose.


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