12 Feb 2019

Yale Tuition Next Year: $72,100

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Oldest College Daily:

The Yale College term bill will increase by 3.8 percent, from $69,430 to $72,100, for the 2019–20 academic year, the University announced last Monday.

Tuition will rise from $53,430 to $55,500, and the cost of on-campus room and board will jump from $16,000 to $16,600. Over the past two decades, the term bill has increased at a rate similar to this year’s. According to the press release announcing the change, the level of the student effort — the amount of money students on financial aid are expected to contribute to their education — will remain constant for the fourth straight year.

“Although the cost of a Yale education changes each year, students receiving financial aid can rest assured that their Yale financial aid award will continue to meet their full demonstrated financial need,” said Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid Scott Wallace-Juedes.

For the 2000–01 academic year, at $32,880, Yale’s term bill was 55 percent lower in absolute terms than that of the coming school year, though inflation has accounted for the bulk of the difference. Tuition as well as room and board have been consistently increasing by roughly 4 percent annually since then, even through the 2008 financial crisis, which slashed the University’s endowment by 25 percent. Yale has said that it increases tuition and room and board to keep pace with inflation and University expenses.

Obscene, outrageous, absolutely appalling. But the top elite schools have a natural monopoly as gatekeepers to the International Ruling Class and every year more people are lining up trying to get in.

Yale cost $3000 a year when I was a freshman back in 1966.

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$3000 in 1966 is equivalent to $23,250.65 today using 3.93% average inflation per year. For that $3000 to become $72,100, it would need to inflate at 6.2%, which is 157% of average inflation per year.

So, today’s students are paying three times what you paid for Yale. You got a deal.


I didn’t even pay $3000. I got a full scholarship.

Seattle Sam

My father was skeptical about the $3000 price tag then. I doubt very much if he would volunteer to pay it today.

bob sykes

In the fall of 1920, the enrollment at Ohio State University was 8,813 students. That same year, Harvard College had 2,532 students. Today, Ohio State has about 61,000 student, seven times the enrollment of 1920. Harvard has 6,000 or so undergraduates, a little more than double its 1920 number.

If Harvard had grown like tOSU, it would have about 18,000 undergraduates, triple its current number.

Surely, many of the problems of Ivy League and American higher education would go away if Harvard and the Ivies enrolled their fair share of Americans. Most of the complaints about discrimination against Asians and White men and in favor of blacks and Jews would disappear, too.


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