27 Feb 2019

All Behind Jussie

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The entire cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory united for a portrait to demand justice for Empire star Jussie Smollett following his brutal attack. Sitting on the living room set of the show, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar stand with the crew, surrounding a sign that declared: ‘We support Jussie’. Kaley, who posted the photo, wrote in the caption: ‘On behalf of everyone here [at The Big Bang Theory] we #standwithjussie #jussiesmollett #wegotyourback’ A similar photo was reposted by Johnny Galecki, who also declared the sentiment.

And they knew that Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were wrongly shot. And they know that Climate Change is a threat to our very existence on the planet. They know an awful lot of complete bullshit.

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Seattle Sam

The entire Hollywood community seems to be doing everything they can to confirm that they really are from another universe.


Surely, “Justice for Jussie” means Federal prosecution for mail fraud. Or maybe that his “actionss” should be excused since he has triple identity points [Black, gay, Jewish] and thus should not be held to account for anything he did because Trump reasons.


I thought that was a show about smart people.

Seattle Sam

Let’s say Jussie had created a hoax that one of the male actors was a rapist. What kind of “justice” do you think they’d be looking for?


Aggressive ignorance is a feature of liberals.


Jussie persists. He seems to intend to ride this lie into the ground. As despicable as his lies are I cannot help but wonder if a couple of white guys without an alibi had been arrested for this “crime” and were facing trial if he would fell compelled to then tell the truth. I think not. I think he would even enjoy that result. He is a psychopath and cares nothing about anyone else except for himself. Now what does that make those who still support this psychopath?

I might point out that those two lesbians in Oregon who destroyed a cake baker’s life were no different. They did not accidently choose a Christian baker, they went after a Christian baker. That they were rewarded both monetarily and socially for their psychopathy is a disgrace.


Deny, deny, deny, until you die worked for OJ. You can get away with murder with that strategy.


Just remember, these people are not actors because they are smart. While acting does require certain talents, the ability to reason is not among them.


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