22 Apr 2019

Howard University Affronted by White Dog Walkers

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The neighborhood around Howard University in D.C. has been improving, i.e. more whites are moving in, and white residents have taken to walking their dogs on the University’s grassy campus.

Howard students have freaked out over this horrible invasion of Black space, and complaints about “gentrification,” “colonization,” and memories of bloodhounds pursuing Little Eva and police dogs barking at demonstrators in Birmingham are flying.

Last Friday, the President of Howard issued a statement discouraging bringing dogs, other than service animals, onto the private university’s “beautiful,sacred space that provides comfort and, in many ways, sanctuary.” Meaning sanctuary from people with insufficient melanin.

Black news and cultural sites today are filled with expressions of the most extreme sorts of group chauvinism and racial animosity related to this story. One example

3 Feedbacks on "Howard University Affronted by White Dog Walkers"

Reltney McFee

yep, lotsa “Black Folks GOOD, White Folks Bad”. Although, to be fair, if the quote suggesting that Howard University should simply move if the anglo dog walkers are a problem, reeks of Johnny-Come-Lately NIMBY-ism. It reminds me of yuppie scum who move to the country, and then complain about the noise and smell from farmers, and the noise from the long tie extant shooting ranges, that were already there when the NIMBYs moved in.

While I am not a smart man, it does occur to me that Howard University has, ya know, historically BEEN THERE ALREADY, and has been historically, well, BLACK. So, the new (and melanin impaired) neighbors might have wanted to consider the response to walking their dogs on Howard’s property.

Even if they (Howard) are rampant racists.

Schill McGuffin

Perfectly reasonable assessment, Mr. McFee. We can only hope that the complaints of members of a “historically white” country club about “newcomers” picnicking on their property and loudly playing “disturbing” rap and hip hop music would be equally respected.

Howard’s complaints might hold a little more water if dog-ownership were somehow rare in ethnic communities. Not to mention the likelihood that a lot of the “traumatizing” animals being walked are shih tzus and bichon frises.

The Usual Suspect

I’m the token white guy in my neighborhood. I live here because this subdivision used to be my Great Grandfather’s depression farm.
I refuse to move out. Regardless of that I’m able to observe at close hand the habits of this group of people. I’ve come to conclude that many of them actually like living in a ghetto atmosphere, it’s very easy, super laid back, au natural. Translated they don’t have to cut lawns, they don’t have to pick up trash, in fact they can dispose of all manner of trash out the window of their leased black SUV mainly Kool cigarette packages, Taco Bell, McDonalds, and most other fast food chains are well represented by the paper and plastic products. Baby diapers (used of course are particularly exciting when run over with the riding mower) and liquor bottles by the score, favorites being 5 O’clock vodka, Grey Goose vodka and well.. just about any kinda of vodka. Expensive liquor bottles on Sunday morning is a weekend extra treat. I humm “In the Ghetto” by Elvis as I Police (whoops, gotta watch the verbiage here) the area. Howard U might not like the “improved atmosphere” it makes too many demands on a bodies person if you get my meaning? If this get’s out I won’t be able to run for public office.


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