04 May 2019

Indian Army Publishes Photo of Yeti Footprints

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Better photos here: Guardian.

Nepal Army says: “Just a bear.” link

32″ long is awfully big.

2 Feedbacks on "Indian Army Publishes Photo of Yeti Footprints"


Who walks in a straight line like that? I think someone had a large wheel with multiple “feet” on it and rolled it across the fresh show to create a straight track with no evidence of other tracks alongside. Or maybe I saw that in a Bugs Bunny cartoon once. Seems familiar.


It’s probably a bear. At a certain pace, a hind foot will track into the paw print from the opposing front paw, and as you can see, these prints are old and eroded enough to mask that they are actually two superimposed prints. Nice try, though; Let’s keep it alive for the next generations.


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