16 May 2019

America: Now a Polish Joke!

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Information Liberation:

The Swedish car company Volvo this week shared two similar looking ads on Facebook — one to their main page and one to their Polish page — which had one glaring difference.

In the post on their main page, the ad showed two [Interracial] homosexual men holding hands in front of a little girl driving a Volvo toy truck.

The ad copy reads: “Focus on your career, or your family? From now on you can do both at Volvo Cars, because we offer employees within the EMEA region six months of paid parental leave, regardless of gender. …

In the comments, Volvo posted a message saying they’re deleting all negative comments which violate their “social media house rules.”

The ad on Volvo’s Poland page featured a straight couple with a little boy in the Volvo toy truck.

The comment section was filled with Poles laughing about the difference between the two ads.


I saw this originally on the Chateau Heartiste blog last night. A few minutes later, when I came back to that blog to capture the image of the ads, I found this:

If you have a blog on WordPress.com, I strongly recommend that you get yourself a new hosting service, one without political opinions and “Terms of Service.” WordPress.com, just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, will punish you for WrongSpeak.

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“deleting all negative comments which violate their “social media house rules.”

Is the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and loudly repeating “LA LA LA LA”.

Or: “Don’t tell me I’m wrong you racists, sexist, homophobic Nazi” you will burst the bubble I live in.

Seattle Sam

When you see these sorts of ads and scratch your head, much of the time you’ve incorrectly identified the advertising objective.
You might suppose the ad’s objective is to get more people interested in employment at Volvo. It’s probably not. It more likely is to curry favor with the left-wing community. That community doesn’t like automobiles at all, but when they go to cause trouble, they will skip Volvo because Volvo LOVES gay workers.
This sort of thing happens in Hollywood regularly. It’s a fact that R rated movies are not as profitable as G and PG movies. So why do they get produced? So that the producers, directors and distribution companies can validate their Progressive credentials to an industry that is largely populated with left wing types that abhor family-friendly films.


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