21 May 2019

Navy Changing Pilot Call Sign Protocol After Minority Aviators Report Bias

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CNN reports that the Navy is responding with new rules and “diversity and inclusion” counseling after two minority pilots who had been dropped from fighter training for inferior performance complained of Pilot Sign Protocol Bias.

The head of naval aviation has directed the creation of a new process for approving and reviewing pilots’ call signs after two African-American aviators at an F/A-18 Hornet training squadron in Virginia filed complaints alleging racial bias in the unit, from which they said they were unfairly dismissed.

In a formal endorsement letter signed May 13, Vice Adm. DeWolfe Miller, commander of Naval Air Forces, said he found the two aviators, a Navy lieutenant and a Marine Corps captain, were correctly removed from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 106 out of Naval Air Station Oceana due to “substandard performance,” despite errors and inconsistencies discovered in the grading and ranking process.

However, Miller said he did find inappropriate conduct by instructor pilots who did not treat the pilots-in-training “with appropriate dignity and respect,” using discriminatory call signs and having inappropriate and unprofessional discussions about them on social media.

He directed the Chief of Naval Air Training to have all training command and fleet replacement squadrons in the Navy formalize a call sign assignment and review process within 90 days, including appropriate peer board representation for minority and female aviators. And he recommended that multiple officers, including a Navy captain, receive rebukes, counseling or administrative punishment for their role in events substantiated by the investigation.

Miller also ordered that VFA-106 receive training on appropriate use of social media and that the unit bring in a “diversity and inclusion expert” to train the squadron on unconscious bias and stereotype threat. Similar training, he wrote, will also be added to the curriculum for prospective commanding and executive officer courses and commander training symposia.


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Schill McGuffin

Hiiiiiiiway to… the… snowflake zone!


Typical Leftist demnd for control and special treatment.

Naval aviators are graded by skills such as which “wire” (arresting cable) they caught when getting back to the carrier.

Call signs are a “populist” thing, awarded by those who flew with you. They often memorialized some personal characteristic or a spectacular event. Naval aviators are not kind or correct about what a fellow aviator is called. Hopefully that call sign is something stunning and glorious, otherwise, as long as you fly, your helmet will have the label “Dumb Shit”. That is the judgement of your peers, not the desk jockey class or the political officer.

If the would-be aviators got race-related call signs, it was probably because they were playing politics instead of becoming skilled aviators. The call signs don’t have to be kind and they are “earned”.


Gentlemen,common sense has left the building.
There is also the push to promote “diversity” in civilian control towers.

This may have unintended,and very unpleasant consequences.


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