21 Jun 2019

Would Hemingway Have Ever Worn Perfume?

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Not a bloody chance in Hell.

But here, in the Age of the Millennial, there are scrimshankers out there marketing a line of “Hemingway Accoutrements,” including, no less, a 1.7 oz (tiny!) bottle of “Ernest Hemingway Signature Eau de Parfum Cologne” for $65!

There’s clearly too much money in Brooklyn and in Portland.

Catch the ad copy:

The one-of-a-kind fragrance of the Hemingway Accoutrements Signature Eau de Parfum Cologne is a transcendent fragrance that will keep you returning time and time again.

Each satisfying inhale calms the soul with its rich, deep and sophisticated blend that opens with a surprising yet satisfying aroma of grapefruit. Very much like the citrus notes of the Daiquiri named after Ernest Hemingway himself.

While the grapefruit note lightly persists throughout it generously gives way to a complex fusion of deep bourbon, classic cedarwood, and rich full grain leather.

Underlying that richness, you’ll enjoy the warmth of honey-like amber, smooth sandalwood, fine tobacco, and Madagascar vanilla.

As you savor each whiff, you can’t help to think that this must have been the aroma that permeated the atmosphere of Papa’s Havana home.

What! no Hoppe’s Number 9?

5 Feedbacks on "Would Hemingway Have Ever Worn Perfume?"

Paul J. Modschiedler

That must be why he committed suicide.


Many a Father’s Day my wife and daughter “surprised” me with a bottle of Hoppe’s Number 9. Accept no substitutes.


the wife of a friend of his offered that his manliness struck her as a bit of a beard.

Hemingway Accoutrements

Thanks for referring a few sales our way. We know that was not your intent but nevertheless, it’s appreciated. We do work closely with the Hemingway Family and their representatives and support many of the causes and conservation efforts they and Hemingway himself supported.


I wouldn’t buy your stuff or wear it, but you’re certainly welcome to the associated publicity from my mockery.


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