24 Jul 2019

Weirdest Story of the Year

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Bruce Hay.

How smart are the elite intelligentsia really? Should ordinary Americans be more deferential and start bowing to the consensus of the elite on Global Warming, on Social Justice, and on Donald Trump?

Before you make up your mind read the introductory comments by Rod Dreher below and follow the link to the original New York Magazine story.

Sit down, my people, and read the craziest true story you will read this year or maybe even this decade.

It is written by a journalist named Kera Bolonik, who has made an extremely complicated story comprehensible, in the sense that she recalls a logical progression of events. Nothing else about it makes sense. It’s a story about a liberal Harvard Law professor who is a world-historical boob — and about how two grifters (a transwoman and his best friend) stole his house and used Title IX to further ruin his life.

In 2015, a mysterious young woman named Maria-Pia Shuman flirted with Prof. Bruce Hay in a Cambridge hardware store. Hay, who makes Pajama Boy come off like Vin Diesel. is married, but he and his wife, Jennifer Zacks, live together with their children as roommates, no longer lovers. What would a little fling with the sexy young woman hurt? …

Read it all. Trust me. I’m not going to go further here, because to tell even just a piece of it without telling the whole story would not do it justice. You have to read to see what these insane grifters did to this moron and his innocent wife and kids. It really does read like Fatal Attraction meets a transgender Bonfire of the Vanities. Golden quote: “I just really hate the patriarchy, that’s it.”

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I don’t think I am all that different from most people. I obey the law, worked all my life, I am honest and believe in the law. If someone did this to me I would kill them. I don’t mean I would go off the handle and attack them in court or something similar I mean I would devise a plan where I could absolutely get into a position where I could dispatch them to god in a few seconds. IMHO that is what all people should do when they are mistreated and justice fails them. I think the only reason people like this do these things is exactly because the victims don’t fight back and seek revenge.


It didn’t take the grifters long to grab on to the Title IX “no defense” scheme. Abuse and fraud is what Title IX was made for.

Seldom Seen

Reading this stuff is better then SNL in the 80’s.


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