30 Jul 2019

Election Tampering?

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Don’t forget the British. British diplomats, professors and MI6 spies. WTF is Britain doing messing around in our politics?

Fusil Darne

Don’t forget Obama interfering with the Israeli presidential election.


I think that the UK and possibly Israel were playing along with the corruptocrat/Deep-State.. No one expected Donald Trump to actually win so they had better be “cool” with the Hillary/Obama/DeepState gang.

Then the UK got the Brexit vote and Boris. The “Ruling Class” of both the US and the UK where stunned and are way out on some shakey limbs.

Of greater concern is that Epstein was “with Intelligence”, but Acosta walked away. Whose? CIA, Mossad, MI6? That was a “Honey Tramp” that may have ensnared 2 or 3 generations of American, and other, “worthies”.

New Game! New Rules!


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