01 Aug 2019

Trump Rescinds Navy Seal Prosecutors’ Medals

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Navy Achievement Medal

New York Post:

​President Trump said Wednesday that he would order the Navy to rescind medals given to military lawyers who prosecuted a ​former ​Navy SEAL the president supported during his court martial on murder charges.

“The Prosecutors who lost the case against SEAL Eddie Gallagher (who I released from solitary confinement so he could fight his case properly), were ridiculously given a Navy Achievement Medal,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“I have directed the Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer & Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson to immediately withdraw and rescind the awards​,” Trump continued.

​”I am very happy for Eddie Gallagher and his family!​”

The four attorneys who prosecuted Gallagher were given Navy Achievement Medals last month, the Navy Times reported.


Makes you want to vote for Trump twice.

3 Feedbacks on "Trump Rescinds Navy Seal Prosecutors’ Medals"

Bill Chunko

They got medals for failing. What has the Navy JAG Corps turned into, Kindergarten?

The Commander that approved those awards should be Reprimanded and Removed.


Islamic forces routinely hide among civilians (Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan, Somaliaa) and use civilians to deliver messages, ammunition, and bombs. The Chief who apparently spent time “scoping out” the area had a better feel for the area than did someothers, and he was willing to make the decision about targets.

There was chatter about the Chief shooting at a river bank from a convenient bridge. During military operations, most civilians are at home at night. In Iraq, most residences are made of concrete block or similar masonry and are thus fairly resistent to inadvertant fire. I don’t expect many joggers or pleasure walkers along the river at night. The river bank is a convenient pathway for those who want to avoid security patrols. “Sanitizing” the bank sounds like an intelligent move. Not “absolutely for sure” safe, but reasonable to discourage the “Bad Boys”, especially if you (The Chief) knew the area.

And, Yeah! The photograph was not too bright.

Seattle Sam

Did they at least get a participation trophy?


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