03 Aug 2019

Exquisite Irony: “2020 Democrat Candidates Too Left For Obama

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CNN reporter Rebecca Buck on Friday said former president Barack Obama is “expressing exasperation” over the Democratic Party’s movement to the left.

CNN’s Newsroom co-host Jim Sciutto mentioned Obama wasn’t pleased by criticism from Democratic presidential candidates and asked Buck what she was learning behind the scenes.

“As you know, Obama has been trying to stay out of this primary as much as possible, keeping quiet, and not making any endorsements even with his former vice president Joe Biden in the race,” Buck said. “But privately Obama, our CNN colleagues are reporting, is expressing exasperation at how far left the party is moving on some policy issues and of course breaking with some of the things he did when he was president.”


2 Feedbacks on "Exquisite Irony: “2020 Democrat Candidates Too Left For Obama"


Of course, The Urban Corruptocrats crushed the old Democratic wing of the “Working Man” and drove them into Trump’s Deplorables. The Leftie Neo-Coms took the Identity Politics weapon so now it doesn’t matter to the Corruptocrats if Team Deplorable or the Neo-Com Team wins because Obama’s Home Team (The Corruptocrats) will be left without power, influence, or a reliable source of income. Oh, I am sure that the Neo-Coms would let them have a few coins, now and then. For now.

The Democratic Alliance should have listened to Ol’Bill, “It’s the economy, stupid”, but they went to grab it all, and now will probably have nothing.

Couldn’t happen to better people.

Seattle Sam

All of these are things Obama would have LIKED to do, but was constrained because they were deemed too radical. No wonder he’s upset.


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