05 Sep 2019

Comments on Proposed Gun “Buy Backs”

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Warner Todd Huston:

My background check into Beto O’Rourke, who wants to “buy back” my guns, finds he makes violent threats on Twitter and has a history of drunk driving and hit and run. I don’t think Beto is legally qualified to buy a gun at this point. My guns have been safer and less violent OUT of Beto’s hands


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Yes, and I can’t walk into a gun store and say “I’ll buy that $1200.00 AR there, but I’ll only give you & 75.00 for it.” So we have a problem there too…

Seattle Sam

And buying an AR-15 is harder than you think. https://mynorthwest.com/1499308/buying-ar-15-washington-state/


New York State passed a law commanding assault weapon owners to register their weapons and most refused to do so, making themselves criminals. New York has decided not to enforce the law. What do you think will happen if the state demands those gun owners sell their guns back to the state at a steep discount? Do you think anyone will comply?

They just did this in New Zealand. In a country with a million plus assault weapons, only a few dozen people complied.

There will be a lot of gun owners in America hiding their guns or burying them. American citizens will never sell their guns for dimes on the dollar to the gummint. Usually, buy backs get a lot of broken guns. And the criminals never sell their guns.


Buy back? How does one “buy back” anything that was not bought from an entity in the first place?

Seattle Sam

It’s a “buy back” in the same way that letting you keep more of your money is a “tax break”.

Fusil Darne

Beto has a criminal record bad enough that he would not be permitted to visit Canada.


The only “assault weapon” is one with a selector switch on the receiver that switches from “safe” to “single” to “auto”.

An Armalite Rifle, an AR-15, is a semi-automatic, one trigger pull, one round fired, weapon.

The M-4 is the military, fully “auto”capable version of the AR-15.


There is no military “assault weapon” that does not have an “auto” selection on the receiver.

Why are these people too fucking stupid to understand this?


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