10 Oct 2019

Apple Caves to the Chicoms

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Anybody remember Apple’s defiant “1984” Mac ad?

Erick Erickson finds that advertising poses are cheap and by no means necessarily sincere.

Late last week, Apple removed an app from its App Store that allowed people in Hong Kong to see where the police were or where tear gas lingered. They then added the app back to the store. But now, after vocal criticism from China, Apple has formally caved to their communist overlords and deleted the app from the App Store.

Apple, of course, has bet big on the Chinese market for iPhones and cannot afford to anger China. It has completely capitulated against a totalitarian regime all while its CEO continues to lecture Americans on social justice in this country.

Tim Cook is willing to file legal briefs on behalf of all sorts of causes in the United States and is outspoke on all sorts of social issues here. But in China, he is a stooge for the communists and no voice at all against injustice.


One Feedback on "Apple Caves to the Chicoms"

Seattle Sam

Name me an issue where Mr. Cook risked getting anything but approbation from the US media?


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