25 Oct 2019

Yale Wins!

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The Harvard Crimson uncritically reports the sexual assault survey which proves that it’s a lot more dangerous to send your daughter to an elite Ivy League school than to have her walk home at midnight through the worst neighborhood in Chicago.

But, hey! at least Yale comes out on top!

A national sexual misconduct climate survey administered to universities across the country earlier this year revealed that most schools did not see a significant change in the prevalence of sexual assault compared with incident rates four years ago, according to the results released earlier this month.

The American Association of Universities survey found that among similarly sized peer institutions, Harvard’s rate of sexual misconduct tended toward average.

Harvard’s prevalence rate of “nonconsensual sexual contact” for undergraduate women was within a percentage point of both Stanford’s and Brown’s. Harvard and Stanford both saw rates of roughly 33 percent, while Brown’s rate is 34 percent. Yale’s rate is higher at 39 percent, while MIT’s is lower at 27 percent.


And some people just don’t understand why ordinary Americans have lost confidence in the wisdom and judgment of our national elite establishment.

One Feedback on "Yale Wins!"


The problem is that all of these surveys intentionally include questions and responses that no sane person would argue is sexual assault or “nonconsensual sexual contact”. Things like women at a party or a date who take part in kissing petting/groping and later decide they really didn’t like that guy or that guy moved on to another woman and therefore she resents/regrets getting involved with him and complains. Hardly anything even remotely close to sexual assault. More like the little princess didn’t get what she wants so she strikes out at anyone unfortunate enough to be present.


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