07 Dec 2019

Impeachment Proving a Cash Cow For the President

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Steven Kruiser notes that the democrats’ impeachment antics are resulting in a deluge of campaign contributions for Trump.

The leftist fantasy about this toilet-paper-thin case for impeachment ends with the president being removed from office once all of the Republicans in the Senate are body-snatched and replaced by liberal aliens, after which Mike Pence vanishes into thin air and Hillary Clinton rides triumphantly into Washington on a gender-neutral unicorn to be installed upon her throne.


HT: Karen L. Myers.

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The exerpt ignores Chapter 2, in which Pence is “removed” for being an intolerant Christian, unable to work with women, leaving, Nancy, Queen of the Corruptocrats, to rule. She, of course, will need a vice-Queen, say an experienced government hand like Hillary to do the “wet-work”, and eventually assume the throne. If you squint enough and “wish upon a star” it looks like a possible outcome (in a “super-hero cartoon). It worked in Rodina about a century ago. California and Illinois are pretty close today.

Then there are, also, all the Epstein video clips to help things along. (I wonder what happened to all that “evidence”? It couldn’t be used in a criminal court without the testimony of a dead man, but it would be lethal in a civil or divorce court. And who knows what evidence exists? Or could be “found”? Sort of like mailed-in election ballots…. ) Then the President/Queen could get rid of the loyal officials and/or officers that the Obama Administration missed. That would cut the threads, exposed in the Ukraine, that lead to the weapons going to Qatar/ISIS/ISIL and the kickbacks from Iran.

In May 2019, Iran was threatening to release the names of “bribed” U.S. officials, but apparently realized that none of them were in the Trump Administration. [I haven’t heard much about that topic in spite of the “explosive” developments in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen. In Iran, it is the Green Revolution with lots more bodies.]

By time all this got straightened out, there would not be a Republic to save.

Reality?! Whose reality? You just have to “believe! [and not look behind the curtain….].


My thoughts are pretty much the same as those of Mike-Smo. The second I heard the slightest rumor of Mike Pence being involved with Donald Trump’s misdeeds, even though the president has not done anything worthy of impeachment, I knew that it was for the political motivation of trying to get the American people to pressure the Senate Republicans to sustain the impeachment, and then the Republicans would not have an incumbent to run against a field of Democrats that is obviously weak, and unable to defeat Donald Trump.
I hope that the plan will backfire, but it is just possible that it could succeed. If it does, God help us.

Seattle Sam

For those who haven’t raised children, this is what temper tantrums look like. Rationally, you have no chance of getting what you want from them and often they make things worse for you. But you do them anyway because you are consumed by blind rage toward those who have prevented you from getting what you know you deserve.


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