08 Dec 2019

Time to Address a Really Serious Priority

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A strange conglomeration of words:
Decolonizing is about rewriting history to a time when kings and witch doctors ruled and knowledge was forbidden.
Astrology is pure fantasy with a twist of controlling others actions.
Problematizing best equates to lying about the fact s and replacing it with propaganda.
Heteronormative gender is misinterpreted but actually means the true biological fact of gender.

As best as I can figure it out what the author means is replace the lies and superstition of current astrology with even worse lies and superstition in the hope that it benefits him/her/it somehow.


The obsession with astrology probably explains the “logic” of the politics on the Left. But if you don’t listen closely, you might believe that she/he/xir/xe/it said something.

Don’t you just love the Trotsky Word Salad? [Probably full of California E. coli.]

Seattle Sam

I’m sure Yale is recruiting this person as we speak.


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