17 Dec 2019

Collectivist Statism Rejected in British Election

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Jeffrey Tucker sees the recent Tory landslide victory as strong evidence that the main portion of the voting public has had it with the Progressive Left.

Voters throughout the developed world have been getting wiser through the decades. When politicians attack the rich, decry the holes in the safety net, demand controls on business, rail against financial markets, and demand more free things for everyone, there is a missing piece in the rhetoric: enacting all these things puts more power in the hands of the state. Here is the fundamental choice that no amount of fancy language can change: we either trust society and markets to manage themselves or we give more power to the state to use compulsion against the population. This is finally the reality that unmasks every proponent of socialism. Left-wing collectivism is not, in the end, about making society better off; it is about transferring power from the people outside of government to those inside of government.


Let’s hope he’s right. All this “progressive” infatuation with Statism, Collectivism, and the supposed superiority of decision-making by scientific experts is a 19th Century fantasy that really hit its peak influence a century ago. Thereafter, it left a spectacular record of economic failure and atrocity. The mystery is: why is it taking the pseudo-intelligentsia so long to recognize the obvious?

One Feedback on "Collectivist Statism Rejected in British Election"

Fusil Darne

Well, obviously, someone wins under socialism. You only need look at the incredible wealth of the Castro family to realize that. Perhaps they believe they will be on that end of bargain?
The ordinary citizens have no chance, under socialism, and, should all understand that at this juncture of history.
Not sure how many of Fidel’s kids live or spend much time in Cuba, but, they don’t have to. That is for the common folk.


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