22 Dec 2019

Modern Problem: Ancient Solution

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Well, yeah, but Hong Kong is gonna lose. It may not happen today or tomorrow but it will happen. Likely tens of thousands of protestors will be disappeared, tortured and enslaved never to be heard from again. It is likely that many of the protestors have already been identified and marked for capture, It is also likely that thousands of Chinese military have infiltrated Hong Kong dressed like other Hong Kong residents and at a signal they will begin the purge. It may be mostly discrete and not easily seen or it may be an orgy of violence. But either way it is coming and the umbrella won’t save them.

Now if every Hong Kong resident had a Glock 19 and an M4. The Glock for everyday carry and the M4 for home defense. THEN everything would be different… BUT they don’t. They don’t have the right to own and carry arms. An unarmed citizen is a serf not a citizen.


That seems to be the focus in Virginia. Rifles and (sic) “Assault Weapons” have nothing to do with violent urban crime but lots to do with “discouraging” those who will be “coming for you”. The new firearm laws/regulation are just a provocation and “warning” of what “they” have in mind.

The VirStaPo [Virginia State Police] blew their cover in Charlottesville and don’t seem happy to be the designated door kickers in this foolishness.


“Likely tens of thousands of protestors will be disappeared, tortured and enslaved never to be heard from again”

-they’ll live forever as a flayed&laquered traveling anatomy show.

bring the kids.


“Testudo” A new word! Many thanks for this.

Photos of Islamic activists occupying the streets of Paris resemble this formation perfectly.

The kneeling mass of the devout, each tier thereof reinforcing the one in front of it, effectively counters the blast of the water cannons, the former weapon of choice for dispersing crowds ‘civilly’ in Western nations.

Tortoise shell ain’t just a flake in a jeweller’s nappy anymore.


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