28 Dec 2019

We Already Know How it Ends


Failed Kamikaze strike on HMS Sussex.

Tyler Grant, in the Spectator:

[T]he path forward is clear. Following the examination of the ‘evidence’ by a prosecutor, some Republican senator will rise to make a motion to dismiss. Chief Justice Roberts bound to Senate rules and eager to get back to his seat across the street where real lawyering happens, will call for a second, and there will be a floor vote, and the motion will carry. Alternatively, they’ll vote on the Articles after the close of evidence and both will fail.

The gavel will fall. Trump will remain in office. Democrats will mourn. Pollsters will poll and 2020 will be a nasty, nasty election that will strain the very fabric of our nation’s unified resolve and the parchment the Constitution is written on. There is some applicable wisdom from 1868 as Sen. James Grimes offered during the Johnson impeachment: ‘I cannot agree to destroy the harmonious working of the Constitution for the sake of getting rid of an unacceptable president.’ “

The democrats have gone absolutely crazy. Deciding that it’s a good idea to undertake one of the gravest constitutional procedures on the completely subjective conviction of their own righteousness and their rival and opponent’s villainy with no hope of convincing anyone or winning, and having so recklessly proceeded, ignoring the consequences and the damage they are inflicting on the system, they ended up congratulating themselves for reducing the Constitution’s ultimate check upon the Executive designed for use in the event of the most extreme kind of circumstances into a petty instrument for gratifying their demented radical base and expressing futile political spite. Their pet media is full of editorials explaining how wise and clever they are to have taken the ultimate sanction, meant to be invoked for high crimes like treason and bribery, and turned it into a spitball.

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They’re done with the constitution, anyway.


Indeed : ‘Why do the heathen rage, and the people murmur in vain.’


An excellent distraction to keep the opposition from following the threads from the “Peanut Gallery” in the Ukraine to Libya, Qatar, Iran, and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) where the skim for the “Big Boys” was harvested.

The ISIS/ISIL oil convoys to the Turks must have generated a pretty good “take” until the Russians blew them up, thus providing more evidence of “collusion” with somebody.


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