08 Jan 2020

The Mystery of Malaysian Flight MH-370


William Langwiesche, in the Atlantic, addresses at length what is known of the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370. It’s a fascinating story.

If the wreckage is ever found, it will lay to rest all the theories that depend on ignoring the satellite data or the fact that the airplane flew an intricate path after its initial turn away from Beijing and then remained aloft for six more hours. No, it did not catch on fire yet stay in the air for all that time. No, it did not become a “ghost flight” able to navigate and switch its systems off and then back on. No, it was not shot down after long consideration by nefarious national powers who lingered on its tail before pulling the trigger. And no, it is not somewhere in the South China Sea, nor is it sitting intact in some camouflaged hangar in Central Asia. The one thing all of these explanations have in common is that they contradict the authentic information investigators do possess.


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It is a mystery. However it seems clear that someone, the pilot, the co-pilot or someone else on the plane intentionally took the plane off course and either flew it into the ocean OR landed it somewhere. Space aliens didn’t take it and it isn’t like that TV show “Lost”. It is 99% likely to be at the bottom of the ocean and the bodies long since gone forever.


The Crazy Captain Theory seems the most likely. The captain locked the co-pilot out of the cockpit, flew off into the South Pacific where nobody goes, depressurized the cabin so that the passengers went to sleep and died of hypoxia, he set the jet to fly on, and then he went off oxygen, too, so that he died peacefully. The jet flew on autopilot until it ran out of gas and did a falling leaf into the ocean. Pieces of the jet and its cargo will occasionally wash up on shore for years to come.


I’m OK with the Crazy Captain Theory, but I’m still puzzled by the apparent discounting of the 2 Iranians flying with stolen passports. It is claimed that they were merely seeking asylum in Germany, but then why are you on a Malaysian flight heading to China?


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