28 Jan 2020

For All You “Credulous Boomer Rubes” Out There

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Mark Goldblatt quotes himself from an NR article from 2002:

Elitism, to be sure, is as old as human society. But never in recorded history has a less cerebrally, morally, or spiritually elite Elite looked down their noses at the majority of their countrymen. The minimum requirement for membership in the intelligentsia used to be, well, intelligence. This is no longer the case. Rather, what is now required is the mere sense of your own superiority, the smirky confidence that flows from an undergraduate grasp of history, philosophy, and literature, and which can only be sustained by a maniacal deafness to counterarguments.”

HT: John Hinderaker.

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“It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” 


“Remember, when you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It is only painful for others.
The same applies when you are stupid.”
― Ricky Gervais


-now a Trump campaign ad.

Seattle Sam

Adviser to DNC in December, 2016:

Defeating Donald Trump in 2020 should be easy. All we have to do is three things.

1. Appear largely sane. Don’t scream about how Trump is a Nazi, going to start World War 3, kill people, establish a dictatorship or crash the stock market.
2. Don’t insult his voters by calling them racists, hillbilly morons or white supremacists.
3. Stay away from unpopular policies like socialism, banning fossil fuels, healthcare takeovers that cost $30 trillion, late term abortions or giving money to illegal aliens.

Piece of cake


They are partly right you know! Close to half of that target audience in middle America vote Democrat every year. This is why states like Ohio and Texas are swing states. They are dis-served and diss’ed by the Democrats and they still vote a straight Democrat ticket every election. They do it because their dad was a Democrat or because their union tells them to or because they listen to the wrong cable news, whatever. They continue to vote for the party that wants to move their jobs overseas and bring in immigrants to work for less money and take their jobs from them.


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