24 Feb 2020

Constant Demagogy Can Have an Impact on a Party’s Base

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The democrat nomination this year may go to the most radical candidate in US History with the inevitable consequence of Donald Trump winning by a landslide. Dominic Green contends that if that happens, it will be the leadership of the democrat party’s own fault.

The Democrats are now being unraveled by what Sanders might call the ‘contradictions of capitalism’. While the Democratic leadership was soaking Wall Street and Silicon Valley and pandering to the public sector unions, it outsourced the maintenance of its coalition to the radicals, and indulged them as they built their Potemkin villages of intersectionality. Now, as the party structure hollows out and the party leadership fails convincingly to answer Donald Trump, the radicals have the ground game and the ideology to remake the party from the bottom up. The result is a radically depraved version of the rainbow coalition, with Sanders as its Corbyn-style ‘Magic Grandpa’, a deceptively cuddly fellow traveler determined to ride their youthful exuberance into office.

When Magic Grandpa shakes the money tree, it’s not just that other people’s money falls out. A tangle of poisonous roots is also exposed. A coalition of coalitions has mobilized for Sanders: acrimonious acronyms like the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), Jew-baiting proxies like Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour, woke warriors like IfNotNow and the Justice Dems, and bongwater conspiracists like the Chapo Trap House chaps and the campus wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.


4 Feedbacks on "Constant Demagogy Can Have an Impact on a Party’s Base"

Seattle Sam

Sanders is not new. These are the same people who stood around in the 60s yelling Power to the People and raising money for the Black Panthers. The millennials are just too ignorant to have studied history.

Schill McGuffin

I only wish I was as sanguine about Sanders’ defeat being inevitable. I think that, like Trump, beyond his loyal base, there’s a substantial number of “mainstream” voters who might support him simply because he’s perceived as an outsider and somehow “clean”. Many Democrats may just shrug at Socialism and take the opportunity to thumb their noses at the Clintons and Pelosis and all the rest of the corrupt sleazoids who claim leadership of their party.

I certainly hope that Trump’s successes and minority outreach — all the forms of “#walkaway” — can counteract that effect, but I dread complacency, having just seen its effects demonstrated in 2016.


The problem is that the Dems cheat on elections and they manage to steal any close elections. Because they are all fired up the wheels are already in motion to steal the presidential election in 2020. It wasn’t intended to steal it for Bernie the belief was that Biden or one of the other lackeys would be the nominee. But never the less the election will be stolen from Trump and given to whomever is running on the Dem side.

You may think it can’t be done. The field is too big it is 50 states after all. But in fact it is easy. 45 of those states are already predictable and the fight is really going to take place in 5 key states that could go either way. And in those states there is typically one, maybe two counties that determine the vote of the entire state. And in those 5-8 counties there is typically one very large city that determines the vote for that county. And without exception each of those cities is run by Democrats and the vote count will be mostly done by Democrats. SO dead people and fake people and non-voting people will all have ballots cast for the Democrat candidate. And ballot boxes from Republican precincts will be lost or stuffed.

When it is all over and the Democrat wins we will not know it was stolen. We will all look like the Hillary supporters on election eve 2016. And that will end America as we know it.


If you like Detroit, Chicago, and Saint Louis, you will love what he and his will do to the country. “Free! Free! It’ll be different this time.”


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