20 Mar 2020

“We Are So F***ing Done With China”

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In late January, China’s embassy in Denmark demanded an apology from daily Jyllands-Posten after it published a cartoon of the Chinese flag with its five yellow stars represented by coronavirus particles.

Tell douchebag modernist composer John Adams to go write a new opera, Kira Davis predicts that era created by Nixon’s opening to China and of the export of industrial production to China and American reliance on cheap Chinese labor is over.

Because this is 2020 and the whole damn world seems to have gone insane overnight, we are now being told that referring to COVID-19 as anything related to China or the Chinese in any way is “racist” and xenophobic or some other bad thing. Even though this virus originated in China. Even though either their food choices or their government is responsible for unleashing this on the globe. It makes no sense, but none of this is making much sense right now. It certainly feels like we don’t have all the information and that’s worrisome given the level of response we’ve been seeing from our government. There is a lot that we, the people don’t know.

But we do know one thing right about now. One thing is becoming more and more clear with each passing moment.

When this is all over we are f***ing done with China.


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When the mule is in the ditch, you find out what people are really like.

The comments over at Sarah Hoyt’s place (accordingtohoyt.com/2020/03/20/look-beyond-the-virus-the-left-wants-us-destroyed-and-theyve-got-the-means-by-bill-reader/ ) have some fine alternative designations for the bug. I rather like the flow of “Flu Manchu”. Her comment community provide some very literate paranoia. “Winnie the Flu” would not approve.

bob sykes

Don’t bet on that. The Wall Street financiers still control our politics and economics. They personally benefitted from the transfer of our industry to China, and they have every reason to keep it there.


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