11 Apr 2020

Schadenfreude Time

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This is a joke. . . right?


Many college kids donate their student loans to bars and car dealerships or spend it on Spring break. It boggles the mind that the federal government is involved in any way in loaning money for students to go to college. End it, it was an incredibly bad idea.

Fusil Darne

Stupid hurts.

A. Squaretail

This student is in a tough situation of his/her own making. Note how this participation trophy winner blames everyone but his/her self for where he/she is in life. The irony is that where he/she is only proves that he/she wasn’t college material in the first place.

Seattle Sam

Suicide seems to be the only answer that would be fair to everyone.


This isn’t a parody? If it’s real, it’s pretty funny.

If it’s a parody, it’s still pretty funny.

Brother John

@ A. Squaretail: Seems the diversity of pronouns is unnecessary, since this unfortunate and stupid individual once discovered a pregnancy.

As such, SHE — and ONLY she — is required!


Now that’s funny, right there.

Schill McGuffin

I might almost have bought it, but I don’t think “Magapede” is really an epithet heard among the Left. I think “pede” is pretty exclusively an insider term of endearment among Rush fans, and denizens of TheDonald.win, and I’d guess this originated in that very memefarm.

Pretty spot-on, though.


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