20 May 2020

Sad, But True


“I have never voted in my life… I have always known and understood that the idiots are in a majority so it’s certain they will win.”

–Louis-Ferdinand Céline

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ed in texas

Just remember, half the people are below average.


I read all the Celine novels, some of my favorites, for sure. Destouches was a misanthrope’s misanthrope, to the point that William S. Burroughs – no lover of humanity at large himself – was put off by meeting him. It is an irony that what probably saved Destouches from being executed after WW II was the emergence in Europe of a liberal sensibility that Celine himself abhorred in his writings.


I hear this from time to time. But I hope people still vote. We are witnessing voting working and disrupting corrupt politicians with Donald Trump’s presidency. Can you imagine the anguish on the left if he wins in November. Vote!


It is true onlky if you go by body count. Otherwise, the idiots are off in so many different directions that the “majority” is a meaningless concept.

Unless there is a particularly effective “ring master” to direct the various flows.

For that aspect alone, that Queens guy is worth the price of admission.


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