02 Jun 2020

ANTIFA Threatens to Move Rioting into the Suburbs

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There were several threats yesterday about ANTIFA moving its violent protests, the looting and burnings, out of the cities into the residential suburbs.

Brandon Morse warns that trying that, in America, would be a VERY BAD IDEA.

Rioting in a city is, for all intents and purposes, safe for the rioter. Even if you do have a confrontation with police, you’re more than likely going to get a few bumps and bruises. At worst, some blood might be drawn from superficial wounds. The worst that may befall you is if your fellow rioters turn on you for any reason. Then you’ll really face serious injury, though more than likely, you’re just going to riot, loot, destroy, and go home.

The rules change in the suburbs. You’re not robbing a private store and destroying public property anymore. Now you’re in home territory. The house is full of valuable possessions and luxuries, yes, but more than that, this location has family members in it. Wives, children, and even beloved pets.

You’re in a different playing field now. Here the stakes are a lot higher for the victims of rioters, and as such, the stakes will rise for you. You’re no longer just facing an arrest charge or a few bumps and bruises. You’re now playing with your life.

I want anyone in Antifa or rioting groups to know that it was estimated that there were 350 million guns in America…back in 2017. Also, that was the conservative estimate. The number is more likely double that, and with more being added to the count every day.

Events big and small cause gun sales to skyrocket. Former President Obama could just glance at a gun and it’d cause people to purchase one. Recently, gun sales shot up thanks to the pandemic due to the idea that supplies may run out and people would have to defend their homes, families, and possessions.

The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not the person on the other side of the door that you’re about to try to break down is one of those people who purchased a firearm. Every home you try to gain access to is a roll of the dice, and the odds don’t look good for you.

You may be able to get away with throwing rocks at windows, maybe even smash up a few vehicles on the street. You might bust up a few light posts and trash someone’s yard. That you’ll leave a mess and get away safely is probably true, provided you don’t run into an armed homeowner who doesn’t know the gun laws in his state well.

But rest assured, they’ll be watching your every move and the vast majority of people watching you will have a firearm in their hand, ready to use it. The moment you cross the threshold, your life is forfeit. You start trying to set someone’s home on fire, your life is forfeit. You begin attempting to bring harm to residents inside a home, your life is forfeit.

You’re far more likely to die in the suburbs than in the city in this situation. You may think moving the riots into neighborhoods is going to play out the same way. It’s not. You’re at a massive tactical disadvantage. The residents know these streets, the layout of their homes, and the defense capabilities of their residence and themselves.

You don’t. Each home will be different, each resident will have different approaches, and each home may have more than one or two gun wielders inside. The goal isn’t non-violent control of the situation now. It’s not about tear gas and high-pressure hoses now. Now it’s deadly force.


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Seattle Sam

I live in a suburb of Seattle. There were rioters there two nights ago looting. The police did nothing to stop them. I didn’t see any armed citizens either.


Get off my lawn !!!!


Every governor should make a public announcement outlining the rights of citizens should the looters spread out to the suburbs.

A curfew should be in place with the tornado sirens sounded at the given hour. From that point on, they aren’t demonstrators anymore, they’re looters. If a community doesn’t have tornado sirens, then put out a warning on the national emergency system that is always being tested right in the middle of my favorite program.

Homeowners should unload their shotguns for outside use leaving the really heavy stuff for inside the house. Crossfires can be problematic in a cul-de-sac.


Sorry, I meant that homeowners should get their shotguns ready so that they can be used. I did not mean that they should be unloaded and therefore empty and unuseable.

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David Parrott

I am a longtime Army Vet. I live in a home in the suburbs with 2 other Army combat Vets. We Have an overwhelming Cache of weapons and ammunition. I speak for the 3 of us when I say: Step foot in my house, I will put a bullet right through your privileged little teeth, and I wont even think about it, zero remorse for your wellbeing. come to my neighborhood, you will die. I personally have the means and state of mind to arm every man and woman on the block if need be. And we don’t use rubber bullets. Try us….


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