04 Jun 2020

The Ethnicity of Looting


I was accused of racism on Facebook for observing that disproportionate attention by police to African Americans was a natural result of the disproportionate commission of crimes by members of that group. Condemning “racial profiling” essentially amounts to contending that applying Empiricism to police work is morally wrong. My liberal interlocutor actually denied that any group was more prominently involved in the recent incidents of looting and brutal violence than any other group, which seems preposterous to me.

Just for the record, Instapundit commenter Pierre Legrand compiled more than 70 short video clips from all over the country. Judge for yourself.

2 Feedbacks on "The Ethnicity of Looting"

Seattle Sam

Your trouble, David, is that you were taught that conclusions derive from analysis of facts. In Woke World, it’s just the opposite. You start with a conclusion and then suppress any facts that don’t support it.


It is clear that your “Crime” is actually noticing the obvious. Disrupting the fantasy is a clear felony worthy of the most severe punishment.

Four Legs Good,…..


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