15 Jun 2020

A Modest Proposal

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Derek Hunter suggests letting the lefties have their own People’s Republic on the Left Coast. Maybe more of them will flock there and leave the rest of us alone.

Be honest, if we let the mutant mob have Seattle, would you really miss it? We’ve already gotten all the good music out of it, coffee is everywhere, so what else do they bring to the table? If you feel as though you missed your chance to visit the Space Needle, they have a similar enough tower in Toronto. And you can catch scabies in any number of third world countries with much better climates. So I say, let them have it.

For that matter, give them the whole state. They inflicted Microsoft on the country, so think of leaving them to the wolves as revenge for whatever version of Windows last crashed on you, which is to say whatever the latest version of Windows there is. Toss in Oregon, too, because what good has ever come from Oregon?

That’s an honest question. I’m sure they’ve added something besides trees, I just have no idea what it is. Nor do I care. Whatever it is (beaver pelts, maybe?), I’ll happily forego to create whatever they end up calling a country that will undoubtedly be a magnet for like-minded leftists, thereby ridding this country of a significant percentage of those carcinogens known as progressives.

Let them create Utopia, or at least see how it goes.


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Teri Pittman

And this is from someone foolish enough to think they will stop there. At least half of both WA and OR are conservative, outvoted by the cities (and the cheating that goes on.) And this person would just abandon those folks and reward the crazies.


Don’t give them the whole state, just split off whatever portion they can control. But, they are on their own. No taxes to the fed or state, but no representation, either. No part of the USA.

Fusil Darne

Where is Jim Jones when we need him?

*Bring Kool Aid for the kids, Jim.


90% of the hope used for brewing beer in this country come from the Yakima Valley, not to mention a large portion of the apples and cherries that make it to stores. For that matter, a lot of potatoes and wheat comes from eastern WA and OR. Perhaps only care those portions west of the crest of the Cascades? It would create a better natural border, too.


Meanie! Why should the deserving and enlightened ones have to travel so far when you have room and wealth right here (where ever here is.)? All they need is some Corruptocrat to take the money from the Police Department and spread it arround. The rest is virtually automatic.


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