29 Jun 2020

Armed Attorneys Defend Home Against 300 BLM Protesters

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In St. Louis, protesters knocked down a gate and invaded a private road in search of Mayor Lyda Kewson’s home. They wanted her resignation after she the released names and addresses of residents who suggested defunding the police department. The Mayor’s home was invaded and occupied, and presumably looted.

Meanwhile, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, two married local attorneys, succeeded in saving their own stately home nearby in the same historic district by standing outside with guns and standing off the mob. Liberals were outraged.

Biz Pac Review:

The radical left is evolving into the monster that can no longer be controlled, with the Democratic Party playing the role of Dr. Frankenstein.

At the same time, American citizens are gearing up for the challenge, as seen Sunday in St. Louis when an armed couple stood guard outside their historic home located on a private road, as Black Lives Matter protesters marched outside.

The dramatic scene was either inspirational or terrifying, depending on your views of private property and the God-given inherent right to defend yourself.

Organizers can be seen in the video moving the mob along, as the husband and wife hold a pistol and automatic rifle outside the upscale property.

With rioters burning and looting all across America these past weeks, destroying all that stands in its path, the couple cannot be blamed for wanting to protect the palace.

The words of an organizer of the protest, Ohun Ashe, as reported by KSDK, adds to that concern: “It’s meant to be disruptive. It’s meant to be disturbing.”

The home is reportedly on the National Historic Register, as Ian Miles Cheong, the managing editor of Human Events, tweeted.

Hundreds of protesters were marching to the home of Mayor Lyda Krewson, calling for the Democratic politician’s resignation for releasing the names and addresses of residents wanting to defund the police department, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. …

The couple seen above are neighbors of the mayor, and their home is on a private road, the newspaper reported.

As BLM protesters march down a public street, a faction can be seen breaking off to enter through a side gate to gain access to the property.

A sign posted outside the gate clearly reads: “Access Limited to Residents.”

The CBS affiliate KMOV noted in a photo description that protesters “broke down a gate in the neighborhood to march past their home.” …

At one point, the wife walked out onto the lawn and is seen pointing her handgun at protesters.

[T]he rage mob is offended that the property owners are willing to protect the mansion to the death, if necessary.

[T]he law in Missouri appears to be on their side.


More at Todd Starnes

The British Daily Mail is anti-rich and anti-self defense.

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A few years ago, my wife and I stayed overnight in St. Louis. I got up early to go get some breakfast. The place was crowded and the only open seat was at a table with a police officer. I asked if I could sit down and she said I could so we had breakfast together. There we were, an old retired white guy and a young, black, female police officer who didn’t know each other from Adam. We had a great time chatting. She was very well spoken, smart and very funny. Very, very funny.

It was a memorable morning for me. Her radio went off and she had to go, so I left as well. As we got up to leave I said, “Stay safe out there.” She replied, “I will, thanks.”

Later that same day we we heard that a policeman had been shot during an incident. The first thought through my mind was, “Oh, no. Not her.” It wasn’t, but I will never forget the panic I felt at the moment.

There are iffy cops, but all the ones I have dealt with, including former students, have been professional, nice and kind. Right now I fear for them.

I was watching old reruns of ‘Cops’ the other day when they showed an incident from my home town. There was a police officer that has recently been in the news. I recognized him, young, handsome, intelligent, professional and upright. A couple of years later this same officer would be shot in the face during a foot chase. He’s been on local TV recently. He survived, but is permanently disabled. He still bears the scars on his face and misshapen head and his speech is garbled. I fear for them.

Dan Kurt

God bless Eugene Stoner (father of the AR-15).

Dan Kurt

Fusil Darne

God bless Castle Doctrine and Stand Tour Ground legislation, too.


These people made their money on civil rights cases against cops!

Read the article and see how repentant they are. “Why would they come to my house liberal logic.”


You don’t have to repent when the wolf is coming in the window.

Yeah. They helped make it happen, but then they got to stand up to the trash that they enabled.

Justice and a bit of courage. That and extra loaded magazines mean a lot.

And for the media garbage detail, it was not an “automatic rifle”, it was a “semi-automatic rifle” a/k/a an “auto-loader”. The will on the trigger is the important part. Ho-RAH!

Get ready chilluns. They coming and you got what they want to steal. Did you think that you waz “special”?


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