06 Jul 2020

Wave Good-bye to Hong Kong


Elizabeth Flux denies that her essay is a eulogy for Hong Kong, but it is.

[I]n 1997 Hong Kong was handed back to China as agreed. From there the clock started—a 50-year countdown. Hong Kong would be a part of China but remain independent, with its own government and laws and economy. ‘One Country, Two Systems’.

Except that’s not what is happening. What will happen after 2047 has never been clear, but in the interim Hong Kong is supposed to retain control and autonomy. Instead things have gone from a gentle background hum of uncertainty and unease, to a low dread, then to a sudden and accelerated horror that feels difficult to believe.


3 Feedbacks on "Wave Good-bye to Hong Kong"

Fusil Darne

Bargain with communists. Lose everything. Nothing to see, here.


This is about to be a disaster. China will squeeze them and many will leave, some to Canada and some to the U.S. Our asylum laws work against us so we may well be forced to take in half a million or so.

Hairless Joe

Oneguy: And the problem with that is… what? Hong Kong people are some of the smartest and most productive in the world. Immigrants like that strengthen our country, especially since they’ll appreciate what they have here, unlike too many natives these days. How many Chinese do you know who are on welfare and can’t read or write?


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