08 Jul 2020

Black Lives Don’t Matter to the Left, November Matters

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F.H. Buckley contends that Slavery and Black Criminals Shot by the Police are not the real reason for national disorder. All the racial politics is simply a pretext.

Reading today’s national media is like staring down a bottomless pit. Le vertige des grandes profondeurs, the French call is. The vertigo from looking down a deep hole. And just when you thought we had reached bottom, there’s deeper level to the madness. It seems incomprehensible, and yet there’s a simple explanation. America is being held hostage.

We began by re-fighting the Civil War. Until recently we had left that behind us, and non-racist white southerners were permitted to retain some measure of dignity, in the memory of their battlefield heroes. But it was never about the Confederate statues, and the proof is that we quickly moved on to refight the American Revolution. A statue of Thomas Jefferson came down in Portland, Oregon, and Hofstra removed its statue of the author of the Declaration of Independence. We’re waiting to see what will happen to the Jefferson Memorial.

At the New York Times, Charles Blow tells us that George Washington isn’t safe either, and the university named after him prudently declined to express any disappointment when someone vandalized a statue of the first president. Whether or not George Washington University will change its name remains to be seen.

Things we thought were sacrosanct, the icons of our national identity, now are scorned. We can pretend that this doesn’t matter. They’re just statues, after all. But they do matter. Not for the pleasure they give the rioters so much as for the pain they inflict on patriots who love America.

Nor has it stopped with the vandalism. We’ve gone to the next level, with the looting and rioting. In the last month major cities have become unsafe, as rioters work out the logic of what “resistance” means. American stores lost hundreds of millions of dollars, and merchants boarded up their stores for protection. Nothing to see here, folks, said the liberal media, which gaslighted the looting and the boarded-up storefronts, and portrayed the riots as peaceful protests against an illegitimate president.

And that’s how to understand what is happening. We’re not to object to the riots because the bigger issue is defeating Trump. Nothing much else matters, and if an Antifa mob attacks a federal court building in Portland, don’t call this a riot. Say rather that it’s a campaign event, led by the good guys.

We’re in the middle of a chicken game, where the Left tells us they’ll let this go on as long as Trump is president. The liberal media will ignore the riots, the liberal mayors will tell the local police to stand down, the liberal prosecutors will promptly release anyone arrested. Try to defend yourself, and you’ll find yourself prosecuted.

The message is: this is what you’ll get, America, if you reelect Trump. Elect our guy, and the madness will stop, pronto. A Democratic president would forcefully suppress the riots without a peep from the press. But until then we’re held hostage.

They don’t even need a candidate. They can run Biden from his basement.


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Soap box – burned.
Ballot box – stuffed.
Jury box – nullified.

That just leaves the cartridge box. God help us all, but it’s going to be brutal.


You’all just noticed? Chicago, Saint Louis, Detroit, Baltimoe, etc. didn’t just happen. It took hard work to stay in City Hall and steal all they did while distracting the Ghettocrats.

Compton (Calif) was the reveal. The Central American Illegals evicted the Black powers that be while the State of California did nothing about the previous Black fraud and embezellment. Almost like it was part of the “Sanctuary” plan. Evict the Black “bangers” and give the Black corruptocrats a “pass’ inorder to import and install the new, semi-functional “Hispanic” conspirators. After all, there was nothing left to steal in “Black Compton”. Them Ghettocrats was just a drain on the economy that were not turning a profit. It’l take the “bangers” years to destroy the suburbs, by which time the state corrruptocrats will have retired with their loot.


Good analysis. But it’s also a reflection of weakness and desperation. It’s worth keeping in mind that teeny bopper revolutionaries are only a poor man’s SA.


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