13 Jul 2020

12-Year-Old Arrested in England For Racism!

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4 Feedbacks on "12-Year-Old Arrested in England For Racism!"


Pakis running rape gangs? You’re under arrest for stating that, you racist!


Yeah, but a kid like that might grow up and vote for Boris, or worse. Gots to get’em early.

A. Squaretail

The British power elites, most of whom range from communists to fascists, have never gotten over losing their empire and its inherent opportunities to lord it over “lesser” peoples. Now they are doing it to their own people. I’m sure they miss the racist aspects of empire, but the obviously prefer abusing their own people to abusing no one. Oswald Mosely must be proud. Thinking, caring people are appalled and disgusted.

Seattle Sam

Can you imagine what they would do to a 12 year old black kid who called an athlete “Honky”. That’s right. Absolutely nothing.


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