17 Jul 2020


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One Feedback on "Goya"


My wife suffers from acute TDS, and there is nothing cute about it. She literally screams at the screen whenever Trumps is shown. She hates him. She hates all politicians regardless of country, but she hates Trump worst of all.

She was complaining about the whole ‘Goya flap’ yesterday. How Trump was an idiot and so was the CEO of Goya Foods. So, of course, I had to show her this cartoon. Both of us are Spanish teachers and both of us immediately picked up on the implications of the cartoon.

Then she said, “So who are these?” pointing to the soldiers.

I said, “I guess they represent all the reaction to the president’s comments about Goya.”

She said, “But he had cans of Goya food on his desk.”

I said, “So what?”

She said, “That SOB shouldn’t be advertising like that.”

I said, “So it was alright for O to hawk beer at the beer summit?”

She said, “So if Obama does something stupid does that mean that that SOB Trump has to do it, too?”

I said, “How about everyone just ignore it?”

She said, “If Trump wasn’t such an SOB no one would bother him. He deserves everything he gets.”

Oh, did I mention that she called him an SOB?


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