22 Jul 2020

The Left Turn Away From Meritocracy

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The editors of the Washington Free Beacon recognize the hypocrisy and special pleading going on here.

The American dream is that any citizen, regardless of sex, race, creed, or color, can rise on his determination and merit. History is littered with examples of the reformers who worked to realize that dream, pushing the most influential institutions in the country to prize talent and hard work over wealth and connections.

The introduction of standardized testing, accessible to all American teens, was part of that push. Harvard University began administering a standardized test to all applicants in 1905. Its effect was profound and immediate: historically a landing spot for the Protestant upper crust, the school began admitting far more public school kids, Catholics, and Jews. …

In the name of racial equality, the woke now seek to dismantle meritocratic norms and return to the quota systems that practices like standardized testing were designed to relegate to the trash heap of history. …

The New York Times’s classical music critic, Anthony Tommasini, is calling for the end of the blind symphony audition, which drove a tripling of women’s representation in the field, so that conductors can make race-based selections. The University of Connecticut School of Medicine, where merit is literally a matter of life or death, recently suspended admissions to its honor society because the GPA-based admissions criterion did not produce an honor society that, as Bill Clinton said, “looked like America.”

The SAT—which measures intellect better and more fairly than do intangible heuristics—is under fire. University of California president and former Obama official Janet Napolitano has joined the chorus of administrators at elite universities who complain that race-blind admissions aren’t producing the desired results.

Those calling for “progress” usually want to forfeit someone else’s job. Tommasini is a white man, as are all his listed colleagues at the Times‘s “music” section. So is the L.A. Times’s Mark Swed, and Washington Post music critic Michael Brodeur, who recently penned a news report about classical music’s “long overdue reckoning with racism.”

All are curiously quiet on the “racism” of their clique. None seem ready to give up their own position for indigenous or trans critics, who surely exist! Surely they are waiting somewhere for the call from the New York Times that their turn has come, merit be damned!


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Meritocracy died in 1965.
That’s when the Civil Rights Act replaced the Constitution.


“Merit” is what the Party says it is. “Merit” gives the Party what it wants, not what you think you want. The score on some arbitrary test is irrelevant to the needs of the Party.

At one time, in a place far away, what your parents did mattered. Now the party is more discriminating about what has “Merit”. Did you bring your “Furry” work clothes? Having an appropriate “kink” is crucial to the Party’s goals.

Paul Doroghazi

Quotas are unfair in numerous ways. Getting into med school for example
Taking a lesser qualified person cheats the future patient, cheats the rest of the class because the material is dumbed down, cheats the person who could have been in and cheats the minority Person who is actually very qualified.. It also Cheats the under qualified person…. You’re called in to the ER to in the morning, there are 6 or 7 people in the Room, blood on the floor, you walk in and everyone turns and looks at you saying what should we do.


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