03 Aug 2020

Minneapolis Police Department: “Give Up Your Cell Phone and Purse/Wallet… Do as [the Criminals] Say.”as [

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People pay quite a price for living in democrat-machine one-party-state big cities. The Minneapolis Police have been made to stand down by the local administration that is on the criminals’ side, so the police are actually telling the citizens of their city to surrender their property to muggers and to obey their instructions!

It’s pretty sad to think that there actually are unarmed, defenceless, sheep-like Americans living in cities who’d follow such instructions.

Alpha News Minneapolis:

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) told residents they should “be prepared” to hand over their phones, wallets, and purses to robbers.

The MPD has reported a 46 percent increase in carjackings and a 36 percent increase in robberies compared to this same time last year, according to WCCO.

Police in the city’s Third Precinct alone have received more than 100 reports of robberies and 20 reports of carjackings in just the last month.

Officials are now telling residents to be ready and willing to comply with the demands of criminals in an email sent to Third Precinct residents.

“Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet,” the police said in their email, a copy of which was obtained by Alpha News. The email said citizens should listen to criminals and “do as they say.”

The message warned that “some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun.”

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Seattle Sam

Grew up in Minneapolis when the police department ran a very safe city. But, then, the city decided it needed more “diversity” from those boring Swedes. Now the city has become as unsafe as Mogadishu. Coincidence?


The problem is low intelligence, violent, racist criminals who would really prefer that you resist so they can hurt you.


Criminals are opportunists who seek easy targets. The one thing they fear the most is an armed citizen. Most gun defenses against criminals, more than 95%, involve simple brandishing of a weapon.

I had a friend who lived in a sixplex next to a swamp next to a ghetto in south Miami. All the other units had been burglarized, one of them three times. His had not, because every day when he came home from work he held his handgun over his head when he walked from his car to his apartment, for the spotters in the swamp to clearly see. Criminals don’t want to mess with crazy ass citizens waving guns.

If Minneapolis politicians shut down their police, the citizens will defenestrate them with gusto at the next election.


Nope. The politicians were elected to stop enforcing the law since enforcement has a “disparate impact” on certain segments of the voting base. The thugs get what the politicians didn’t get; but it is all good since they all share the take.

How does it feel to be a prey animal?


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