22 Aug 2020

Peggy Noonan is a Delusional Sell-Out

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In a just world, Peggy Noonan would have repented publicly for turning her coat and endorsing Barack Obama in 2008 and then retired to a nunnery to spend her remaining years making grape jelly. But, no, alas! she is still holding forth regularly as a “conservative” commentator at the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

Just last week, Peggy horrified some of us afresh with a gushing puff-piece praising Joe Biden’s running-mate to the stars.

She is an excellent performer of politics. Like Bill Clinton she enjoys and has a talent for the necessary artifice. She takes obvious pleasure in campaigning—making speeches, waving, laughing, pressing the flesh. In committee hearings she cocks her brow in the closeup to show skepticism. Her glamour, and her consciousness of it, were vivid enough to be spoofed by Maya Rudolph on “Saturday Night Live.”

Reading her 2019 autobiography, “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey,” it occurs to you that what she’s really bringing Joe Biden is the things she doesn’t say and the stories she doesn’t tell on the trail.

She was born and raised in a climate of liberal activism in Oakland and Berkeley, Calif., in the 1960s and ’70s. Her father, Donald Harris, born in Jamaica in 1938, was a student there and went on to be an economics professor at Stanford. Her mother, Shyamala, was born in southern India, graduated from the University of Delhi at 19, and earned a doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley. Shyamala, who died in 2009, was expected to return home for an arranged marriage; instead she met Donald. They married, had two children and divorced.

When Kamala Harris was a toddler, her parents brought her to civil-rights marches. “I have young memories of a sea of legs moving about,” she writes. Her mother liked to tell a story. Once Kamala was fussing in her stroller, and Mrs. Harris leaned down and asked, “What do you want?” “ ‘Fweedom!’ I yelled back.”

The general atmosphere was ’60s Berkeley—diverse, full of passion, consumed by identity politics and debates about liberation.

They took periodic trips to India. “My mother, grandparents, aunts, and uncle instilled us with pride in our South Asian roots. . . . We were raised with a strong awareness of and appreciation for Indian culture.” (India looks to be an increasingly important ally as America’s relationship with China deteriorates. If Biden-Harris wins and her background is helpful, good.)

She went to ballet class, sang in the choir in the 23rd Avenue Church of God, went to a black cultural center called Rainbow Sign on Thursdays. She saw Rep. Shirley Chisholm speak and was electrified.

By the time Ms. Harris graduated high school she wanted to become a lawyer like her heroes Thurgood Marshall and Constance Baker Motley. Also like her Uncle Sherman and a family friend named Henry. “Any time someone had a problem . . . the first thing you’d hear was, ‘Call Henry, call Sherman. They’ll know what to do.’ . . . I wanted to be the one people called.” …

[W]e get a sense of gusto. She admires toughness. She is a natural pol. She was bred to achieve in an aspirational immigrant environment. She loves to compete.

She is warm, humorous. Like most of the men around her in politics, she enjoys being important. She isn’t embarrassed by attention.

Peggy omits mentioning the unpleasant reality of exactly how a graduate of a third-rate law school, who flunked the bar exam, rose so rapidly to the upper levels of California democrat party machine politics.



This week, Peggy delivered a tepid critique of the democrat convention: boring, artificial, and way too full of grievance-mongering. But, she also endorsed, and enthusiastically echoes, all the scurrilous crap they flung at Donald Trump.

All summer I’ve been running into two kinds of people. One kind says, “That man is a living shame on our country and must be removed.” The other kind says very little. They don’t defend him. They say, “I can’t believe I may vote for him, but . . .” And always they explain it this way: “What the other guys are gonna do on taxes,” “What the other guys will do to my industry,” “What the Democrats will do to the economy.”

I’m getting the impression that for a lot of people, the ballot this fall won’t read “Trump vs. Biden” but “Trump vs. What the Other Guys Will Do.” …

Barack Obama’s speech will stick in history; it won’t just slide away. No former president has ever publicly leveled anything like this criticism at a sitting successor: “I did hope, for the sake of our country, that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously, that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care. But he never did. For close to four years now, he has shown no interest in putting in the work.”

This is a former president calling the current one shallow and lazy. He also suggested he’s greedy and intellectually incapable. Unprecedented? Yes. Unjustified? No, alas. And I’m not seeing Trump supporters rise up in indignant defense. They know it’s true, too.

Reading this, my blood boiled and I marveled at the extent to which long residence in the elite community of fashion bubble has distorted and impaired her perception of reality.

OK, it is true that Donald Trump talks differently from the typical representative of the national upper middle class elite. He boasts and brags. He constantly indulges in exaggeration and he interrupts his own sentences, inserting annoying little modifiers like “the most beautiful.” Trump also dresses and grooms himself peculiarly. His suits are always identical and blue and look like they came from Robert Hall. He wears (almost always) monochrome neckties, usually red, and always tied too long. And he dyes his hair and wears it peculiarly long and combed over elaborately in a very strange fashion obviously contrived to cover at any cost his baldness.

Trump offends the delicate sensibilities of people like Peggy Noonan, too, by his conspicuous lack of inhibition and propriety. Trump gets online and tweets what he thinks and feels, insulting and attacking his opponents in government and the media with no consideration to his own dignity or that of his position. Trump obviously is not lazy. His problem is hyperactivity.

I think “shallow” is also not the mot juste. Trump is not so much shallow as undomesticated and unrefined. Donald Trump offends the dickens out of our national elite, because he is clearly “not one of us.” Trump is an outsider, a parvenu from the Outer Boroughs, who dresses, walks, talks, and behaves like –oh, dear! oh, dear!– one of the common people.

Donald Trump is not glib and smooth-talking. He cannot produce the same kind of ever-so-nice sounding gaseous rhetoric as Obama. He does not understand how he’s supposed to behave. He breaks all the rules and knocks over the tea set every time.

Why all this rankles, why this stings so sharply, lies precisely in the fact that the people’s elevation of Donald Trump constitutes a distinct rejection, an undeniable slap in the face to the entire America establishment elite. The people rejected the democrat elite’s left-wing insanity, and they also rejected the Republican elite for having failed for so long to defeat Leftism absolutely and decisively. And, there is an especially sharp, added level of pain for establishmentarians looking on: Trump is winning, Trump is faithfully, unprecedentedly fulfilling campaign promises. The horrible, uncouth and unworthy Trump shrugs off easily the worst the democrat opposition can do, and marches on, trampling taboos underfoot, from victory to victory.

I didn’t support Trump in 2016. I had all the same stylistic reservations as Peggy and George Will and all the other Never Trumpers. However, I gradually observed that Trump really is patriotic and sincere. I liked many of his appointments and I really like the majority of his policies. Sure, I recognize that Trump is eccentric and flawed, but I also recognize how much he has accomplished and how willing he is to fight. You can’t come to me and tell me that Donald Trump is too dumb and too shallow to be president, we have to have Joe Biden instead! If Donald Trump owned a dog, it would be smarter than Joe Biden. And that dog would be more principled.

Peggy Noonan ought to be ashamed.

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She is an excellent performer of politics. Like Bill Clinton she enjoys and has a talent for the necessary artoriifice.

Fusil Darne

I didn’t so much vote for Donald Trump in 2016, as I voted against Hillary Clinton, who actually does deserve to be “locked up”. All the Donald had to do to keep me happy for four years was keep that witch out of power, appoint a few conservative judges, play go,f, and behave while in the Oval Office in the company of young women.
I am in awe at how much he has accomplished while under a nearly hourly barrage of inflammatory nonsense from the left, and the lapdog media. He is, our glorious bastard.


Kamala Harris has no principles except expedience. She’s for whatever gets her ahead.

Trump doesn’t respect anything or anyone that is not named Trump.

So, as I see it, the choice is between a douchebag with one foot on reality and a feeble-minded dolt who represents a party of lunatics. I’m voting for the douchebag. He fights.


I think the analysis is spot on. Trump is a clown, a buffoon, a loud-mouthed egotistical fat-headed conman who doesn’t know what he’s doing. And yet he’s doing just as well and better than all these elites with their Harvard, Yale, and Oxford educations and all their connections to the right people with their right opinions and their right manners and their memberships in the right clubs and their attendance at the right cocktail parties, so why do we need the elites? This is the real sin of Donald Trump – he’s exposed the fact that any old idiot can do just as good a job as these pompous old frauds who pretend to be our betters. And nothing is more infuriating than being condescended to by our inferiors.


I don’t agree that “Trump is a clown, a buffoon, a loud-mouthed egotistical fat-headed conman”. I think since most people didn’t grow up in New York or live and work in New York they simply don’t understand or recognize a New York attitude. Trump is a Genius and a workaholic with a New York attitude. And just like Bush II was always “misunderestimated” Trump is misjudged as a “clown, a buffoon, a loud-mouthed egotistical fat-headed conman “. And he uses this to his advantage. He goes into a meeting with world leaders who graduated from the best schools, had years of training, the best of the best and he leaves the meeting with their heads on a platter. I admit that for a lot of people this is irritated at the least. It pisses off China and the Euro leaders. And THAT is what I most like about Trump. While Obama gave these people the keys to our country Trump took it all back and made them sit up and beg for a treat. Trump IS our glorious bastard!!

Strange Daze

[…] Never Yet Melted ï½» Peggy Noonan is a Delusional Sell-Out […]


Not one of these clowns-presenting-as-elite-politicians have yet successfully perceived that Donald Trump’s winning life strategy is basically to have his enemies chronically under-estimate him from their first impressions onward. Four years later, the bewildered scorn continues.

Donald Trump is a consummate politician presenting as a clown.

Sunday Rant - 3420 - DROVERIA

[…] her true colors have emerged. Never Yet Melted is a website we frequent. In an oped titled “Peggy Noonan Is a Delusional Sellout“, author “JDZ” presents a solid case exposing Ms. Noonan as a “Never […]



Before 2016 I never thought much of Trump either – an over the top self-promoting NY jerk. But in the 2016 election I would have voted for almost anyone above Charles Manson instead of the awful Hillary, so he got my vote. Since then he has grown on me too. He does say dumb things once in a while, but at least he speaks more truth than any other politician I have ever heard. I love how he sticks it to those who would lord over us, and how he fights back against the deluge of lies, half-truths and distortions. The people who say he has done nothing are just not being real. And, like you, I believe that he truly cares about America and normal American people.

25 years ago, Noonan sometimes had interesting things to say. But her first paragraph above is breathtaking in its stupidity, so typical of these well informed idiots. Does she not notice that normal people don’t want to talk about this because they are sick of hearing about how they are racist, knuckle dragging hillbillies not fit to share the air with their betters?

As for Joe and Kamala – Joe is a tired old man. He was barely capable 25 years ago and he is just a doddering and demented idiot now. Like Obama, his primary talent is getting in front of a camera and reading a speech written by others. Kamala is an empty suit, also a lot like Obama. She had the most important qualities to be the nominee – black, female, and somewhat good looking and was absolutely grooved to make a successful run to the nomination, but her vapidity and anti-charisma couldn’t even drag her to Iowa. If she had Oprah’s personality, she would have won the nomination going away. Luckily for America, she doesn’t.

I am betting on Trump and I sincerely hope our betters get the smackdown they deserve on November 3rd.


Hyperactive??? Laziest President ever, not even close. Spends all morning watching TV and tweeting then spends his afternoons….doing what exactly? When he finally had to lift a finger to DO something for the pandemic he was AWOL because he’s incapable of anything but spewing hate and furthering preposterous conspiracy theories. Had he actually done something about COVID he’d probably be coasting to
re-election. Instead, the rout awaits.


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