22 Sep 2020

Glock Groin

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Older shooters like myself think semi-automatic pistols should have real honest-to-God safeties, not mere trigger safeties, and believe that in an emergency it’s the fellow who takes his time and aims, not the fellow who sprays and prays, who wins.

I’d say that the claim that “I don’t have time to click off a safety” is absolute nonsense. Ruffed grouse take off quickly, and generally startle you when they do, but I never heard any brush-torn grouse hunter propose carrying his shotgun with the safety off, because he just didn’t have time to use a safety.

If a finger, or something else, winds up accidentally contacting and depressing the trigger, it is overwhelmingly likely able to be contacting and depressing the little trigger safety lever, too, and then, bang!

Fox News has another Glock accident story.

An Oregon man who was in line at a supermarket Sunday accidentally shot himself in the groin while showing off a handgun and just missed hitting his femoral artery, a report said, citing police.

The Oregonian newspaper reported that police said Nicholas J. Ellingford, 29, accidentally pulled the trigger of the Glock 9mm while putting the firearm back into his pants. The shot reportedly entered through his groin and exited his thigh.

Police said the incident occurred inside a McKay’s Market in Lincoln City, Fox 12 reported. Ellingford was showing the gun to a friend, police said.

He was taken to an area hospital and then flown to a Portland hospital for further treatment, the Fox 12 report said.

“Ellingford did not have a concealed handgun license and his act was found to be reckless since it placed several people in danger,” police said, according to Fox 12.

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gunownership carries the “self winnowing gene”.


I bought a Glock for it’s quality/reliability. I carry it with an empty chamber because of it’s lack of safety. It adds maybe 2 seconds to my ability to be ready and requires two hands but it prevents a 9mm in the groin.

Joe Gruber

Over time, I have started to favor my .357 steel frame revolver for concealed carry. Double action only, no safety, and very safe. And very little to go wrong.

Hairless Joe

A Glock is a night table gun, not a carry gun. That’s where my .45 cal sits. With an empty chamber.


Glocks are a very safe, reliable weapon if you use it correctly. Police everywhere would agree. Don’t put a Glock in your pants with a bullet in the chamber. It takes less than a second to chamber a round.


But… The only time it almost mattered, my “off” hand was rather busy.

There is much to be said for a hammer-drop slide safety and a double action trigger. A Glock is a nice piece of hardware but it provokes a thumb seizure for me.


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