26 Sep 2020

Marine Corps May Replace Both Parris Island and San Diego With New Coed Boot Camp

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The famous yellow footprints at Parris Island.

Military.com reports that the dictates of the god Equality may force the Marine Corps into drastic contortions in order to meet Congressional decrees.

The Marine Corps is considering a plan in which it could close its two existing boot camp locations and funnel all recruits to a new base where men and women would train together.

Marine entry-level training is a long way off from being able to meet a congressional mandate to make its East and West coast training bases both able to support gender-integrated training in the coming years, the Corps’ top general said on Thursday.

That is leading the service to study the option of opening a third training base in a new location to which all new recruits would ship, rather than spending cash on construction projects at aging training bases.

“Nothing, the way we’re organized right now, lends itself to integrated recruit training,” Commandant Gen. David Berger said on Thursday. “If that’s our start point — and it is — we have to get to a place on both coasts, or at third location or whatever we end up with, that … there are male and female recruits around.”

Both the Marine Corps’ recruit training depots have storied pasts — particularly Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island in South Carolina, which was first used by Marines in the 1890s. Hundreds of thousands of Marines have stood on the famous yellow footprints on each base at the start of their careers before earning the coveted eagle, globe and anchor and title of Marine.

But with a new law bearing down on the service to make both locations support coed training — within five years at Parris Island and eight at San Diego — the Marine Corps is exploring different options, Maj. Eric Flanagan, Berger’s spokesman told Military.com.

“The question becomes, ‘Are we better off just using [military construction] dollars to create a new third site, or put that money into our existing sites?'” he said. “No decisions have been made. We’re not investing any money anywhere else. It’s just an option we’re talking about.”

The Marine Corps hasn’t yet identified a state where the new boot camp location might be located, Flanagan said.


One Feedback on "Marine Corps May Replace Both Parris Island and San Diego With New Coed Boot Camp"


I am sure that there are many female Marines who over the years have served our country and done their best. To them I apologize. IMHO women can not compete with men on the battlefield. Not even close. In fact women on the battlefield are a distraction and a hinderance. Not their fault, god in his wisdom created man to protect and fight and created women to birth and care. I spent 20 years in the military (not the marines) and I know that virtually every 18-35 YO male can pick up a 100 lbs of gear and carry it, even run with it, can throw it in the back of a truck or over a wall and can live, sleep, piss and shit in a foxhole while fighting for his life. He was born to do this, even the skinny kid weighing 120 lbs can do it especially when bullets are flying over his head. A women cannot. Yes, yes, I know, perhaps 1 in 1000 women with sufficient physical training and commitment can do “some” of these things fairly well. BUT literally every male can do it after age 14 without any special training. Yes, I know there are “soy boys” out there but that too is deceiving because I can guarantee you that after 2 months with the Marine DI’s THEY can do it too.

It is a mistake to have women in the military except as medical personal and ‘perhaps’ admin personal. I say ‘perhaps’ because in truth the military is better off if ALL their troops are men and can be pushed to the front when needed.

I might add that women officers are the worst case because EVERYONE in their command knows they are ONLY there for filling a quota and they know diddly squat about the actual job of the military and when TSHTF they will be worse than useful. If I’m going into battle to kill or be killed I want the meanest bad ass son of a bitch to be leading us not some squeaky whiney ‘skirt’.


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